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Pick’em Game Reborn - From the ashes. January: Week 1 of 3

Boxing: DC Double Header-Jack vs Bute Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The pick’em game is reborn. Like a big shiny phoenix rising from the ashes of a shitty broken end of last year. This year I think we’re gonna try to do things a bit differently. I think we are gonna go by months instead of 10 week seasons. Quite frankly the 10 week seasons normally accounted for a huge amount of fall off in play once people would fall behind. We will have weekly winners, monthly winners and a year end winner. placing each month will carry weight for the whole year. You will have 12 tries at POY. The POY will get a handsome boxing related prize to be announced later this year. (You’ll want it though) Monthly winners will also be getting a little something, something as a thank you for continued loyalty to the game. (The other advantage to going month to month, it makes it much easier to skip flat out shitty weeks. January will have 3 weeks, February 4 weeks, March 5 weeks...I’ll update things weekly as the calendar gets even more fleshed out.) If you’ve never played before, the new format is the perfect time to jump right in!

This week's action includes: Lara vs Foreman, Direll vs Nemesapati, Ocampo vs Echeverria, Khytrov vs Aleem, Serrano vs Rivas, Pedraza vs Davis , and of course DeGale vs Jack!

Biggest change! 3 triples and 5 doubles a month. This will change strategy quite a bit and lead to high and low scoring weeks and months.

Decently stacked first week of the year and a good start to our short first month. Quite a few interesting fights this weekend and some pretty interesting odds on some relatively live dogs.

Let’s make the most of it and "Let's get it get it get it!"

For those that haven't played before, welcome to the best pick'em game going. Please join right in and start playing (just make sure to check out the rules - we promise they are very simple).

The numbers in your selections are binding, not the names which you can leave out. The numbers will suffice.

Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this post - it makes it easier for me to tabulate the results each week.

**** Remember you do not need to make a selection on every fight; you are free to PASS on any pick. But you must make at least one selection to receive the 10 point participation bonus****

A. Pick the winner / method of victory - Anthony Direll vs Norbert Nemesapati (9:00pm EDT Friday, January 13th)

1. Direll to win - risk 9.5 points to win .5.

2. Direll by stoppage - risk 8 points to win 2.

3. Direll by decision - risk 1.5 points to win 8.5.

4. Nemesapati to win - risk .5 points to win 9.5.

B. Pick the winner / method of victory - Erislandy Lara vs Yuri Foreman (9:00pm EDT Friday, January 13th)

1. Lara to win – risk 11 points to win 1.

2. Lara by stoppage - risk 8.5 points to win 3.5.

3. Lara by decision - risk 2.5 points to win 9.5.

4. Foreman - risk 1 point to win 11.

C. Pick the winner - Carlos Ocampo vs Daniel Echeverria (8:00pm EDT Saturday, January 14th)

1. Ocampo to win– risk 6.5 points to win 1.5

2. Echeverria to win – risk 1.5 points to win 6.5.

D. Pick the winner - Amanda Serrano vs Yasmin Rivas (9:00pm EDT Saturday, January 14th)

1. Serrano to win – risk 8 points to win 4.

2. Rivas to win - risk 4 points to win 8.

E. Pick the winner - Ievgen Khytrov vs Immanuel Aleem (9:00pm EDT Saturday, January 14th)

1. Khytrov to win – risk 7.5 points to win 2.5.

2.Aleem to win - risk 2.5 points to win 7.5.

F. Pick the winner - Jose Pedraza vs Gervonta Davis (10:00pm EDT Saturday, January 14th)

1. Pedraza to win – risk 7 points to win 5.

2. Davis to win – risk 5 points to win 7.

G. Will there be a knockdown? - James DeGale vs Badou Jack (10:00pm EDT Saturday, January 14th)

1. There will be a knockdowns(s) – risk 4 points to win 4.

2. There will be no knockdown(s) – risk 4 points to win 4.

H. Pick the winner - James DeGale vs Badou Jack (10:00pm EDT Saturday, January 14th)

1. DeGale to win – risk 8 points to win 4.

2. Jack to win – risk 4 points to win 8.

Please fill out your selections as follows:

Enter the LETTER of the fight first, then whether it’s a single (1), double (2) or triple (3) followed by the NUMBER of your pick. (The name of the fighter and method of victory are optional).

**** You have 5 doubles and 3 triples to use every month, however many weeks that month’s “season” contains ****

For Selection A, if you want Direll to win without using a double or triple...

A. (1) – 1

For Selection B, if you want a double on Foreman win...

B. (2) – 2

For Selection C, if you want a triple on Ocampo to win...

C. (3) – 1

For Selection D, if you wish to pass...


Good luck!

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