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Mayweather: Ward lost to Kovalev, Hunter not a good trainer, Canelo-Spence a future blockbuster

Floyd Mayweather gives his thoughts on several topics around the boxing world.

While in Bristol, CT yesterday visiting ESPN, Floyd Mayweather sat down with Brian Campbell to discuss a number of hot topics around the boxing world via Facebook Live. Here’s some highlights on what he had to say.

On Brian Campbell giving Andre Ward his #1 Pound-for-Pound ranking:

“No, no! No, we not gonna do that...I like Andre Ward, but one thing about me, I call a spade a spade. He didn’t win...”

On who he thinks should be #1 P4P:

“Chocolatito. Chocolatito has to be number one...I mean he hasn’t lost yet and he’s a helluva fighter.”

On who he expects to be the number one guy in 2-3 years time:

“I really think that it’s gonna come down to two fighters. I think that Terence Crawford is going to eventually fight Errol Spence, Keith Thurman, or [Danny] Garcia.

“Canelo is gonna end up fighting Errol Spence down the line in a big, big fight. I think it’s gonna come down to those two. That’s just my honest opinion.”

On if he thinks Canelo is ducking Golovkin:

“Canelo is not ducking GGG. Canelo will beat GGG...GGG is the same guy that’s getting outboxed by a welterweight, if I’m not mistaken...I know boxing, this is what I do. Nobody in the world knows boxing like name ‘em, I cooked ‘em.

“Canelo knocks GGG out!”

On Daniel Jacobs bringing Virgil Hunter into his camp:

“Virgil Hunter is not a good trainer, at all. I mean that’s just my honest opinion...At the end of the day, Virgil Hunter, I think he’s a cool guy, he’s a nice guy, but a guy that’s never fought before, that’s never been in a crunch moment. How can he tell you about a crunch moment if he’s never been in a crunch moment?

“I need a trainer that’s in my corner that’s been in there before and felt contact and knows how it is to be in a fight. I don’t care if it’s an amateur fight. You have to have some type of experience at boxing. So can Virgil Hunter be in my corner? Absolutely not. But do I think he’s a cool guy? Absolutely...

“Do I like Andre Ward? Yes, I do like Andre Ward. But Andre Ward, we gonna have to make some major changes if you gonna fight [Sergey] Kovalev again. If you gonna fight Kovalev again you got to make some major changes. You gotta go get you a trainer that’s been in the crunch before.”

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