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Andre Ward responds to Floyd Mayweather’s criticism

Floyd Mayweather caught Andre Ward’s attention with some of the things he’s been saying in the media.

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Obviously it didn’t take long for Andre Ward to catch wind of the criticism he’s received from Floyd Mayweather, and now Ward has decided to draft his own response.

Ward wasn’t interested in a “tit for tat” with Mayweather, but he did want to make it clear that he doesn’t approve of Floyd’s views, particularly considering the the significant voice Mayweather holds within the sport of boxing.

In an Instagram post, Andre Ward wrote the following message:

“Floyd - I'm not taking the bait, but I will say this. When is it going to stop? How many more people are you going to lash out at? You’re in a position to build up the sport of boxing and the people in it and not tear it down. Especially the younger generation. Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Don't become another "Critic" the very ones you've been fighting your whole career. Especially toward the ones who go through the same things you do. All the lashing out may make headlines, but it's not a good look bro. We need to choose our words wisely, the people are listening.”

This is clear and rational response from Ward. And really we shouldn’t expect anything less from Ward as he always seems conduct himself in a gentleman’s manner.

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