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Nick Blackwell trainer Liam Wilkins stripped of license due to sparring session

Blackwell is currently unable to walk.

More than just preparing their fighters for their opposition, boxing trainers have a duty to protect them from themselves. Being a top-tier fighter requires a disregard for one’s own well-being that coaches have to compensate for.

When Nick Blackwell was allowed to spar just months after brain surgery, we saw what happens when coaches fail that duty.

With Blackwell still suffering the aftereffects of the session, the British Boxing Board of Control has stripped trainer Liam Wilkins of his license and suspended sparring partner Hasan Karkardi for six months.

From the BBBofC, courtesy of World Boxing News:

Following a hearing before the Stewards of the British Boxing Board of Control on Wednesday, 11th January 2017 the following decisions have been made:-

Trainer/second Liam Wilkins:- The Stewards of the Board unanimously concluded that Mr. Wilkins conduct was detrimental to the interests of boxing in permitting Boxer Hasan Karkardi to spar with ex-licensed Boxer Nick Blackwell and in view of the seriousness thereof it is not in the interests or welfare of boxing for him to hold a trainers licence.

It follows that Mr. Wilkins licence is withdrawn.

Boxer Hasan Karkadi:- The Stewards unanimously concluded that Mr. Karkardi’s conduct in sparring with ex-Boxer Nick Blackwell was not in the interests of boxing and that his licence to box should be suspended for six months from the 11th January 2017.

Karkadi/Karkardi, whose last name changes every other sentence in various news articles, was also accused of sexual assault in 2014, although the jury could not come to a unanimous agreement.

Honestly, I support these sanctions wholeheartedly. Yes, Blackwell is his own man and made the decision to spar, but this was gross negligence by Wilkins and Karkardi.

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