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Tony Bellew demands apology from David Haye

Bellew is holding a grudge...

Boxing at Echo Arena Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Tony Bellew is still pretty furious that David Haye had the audacity to throw a punch at him during their press conference a while back. And as Bellew and Haye prepare for their March 4th fight, they’ll both have to see one another again in close quarters before finally lacing up the gloves.

Might there be another press conference incident? It’s possible. But for now Bellew demands an apology from Haye.

“We come face to face this week so we will see what happens this time, but he's basically a f***ing coward for throwing a punch at me without gloves on. I won't let it go unless he apologizes as he knows he was bang out of order!

“It’s possible he could of broke my jaw or cut me, and imagine if I would have hit a hard floor? He's just a coward, simple as that!”

I’m personally not too into apologies while heading into a fight (like settle it in the ring, man), but a British secret agent once told me that “manners maketh man.” So surely the only dignified thing to do in this instance would be to mediate this whole mess out during the upcoming presser...or, you know, just duke it out on March 4.

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