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HBO boxing results: Takashi Miura knocks out Mickey Roman in brutal war

Takashi Miura and Mickey Roman waged a savage war tonight on HBO.

Takashi Miura v Francisco Vargas Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In an early Fight of the Year contender, Takashi Miura outbrawled Mickey Roman in the first HBO bout of 2017, scoring a 12th round knockout to move toward a potential rematch with Francisco Vargas, should Vargas win later this evening.

Miura (31-3-2, 24 KO) and Roman (56-12, 43 KO) both absorbed an unreal amount of punishment in this fight, and in the middle rounds it even looked as though Miura, his face swollen and bloodied, was fading from the fight just a bit.

But the Japanese veteran kept his composure and just kept banging away at the body of Mexico’s Roman, eventually putting enough in the bank that the shots added up and became too much for Roman.

Miura scored a body shot knockdown late in the 10th round, and the fact that Roman got up at all has to be commended. This was a knockout-type blow, and somehow Roman got to his feet and fought on, and did so quite bravely.

Roman was down again in the 11th, putting the fight out of reach, most likely, on the scorecards. The knockout came at 0:53 of round 12. At the time of stoppage, BLH had it 106-101 for Miura.

If you missed this fight tonight, make sure to catch a replay. It’s worth it.

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