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Amir Khan drops father and uncle from management team amidst family feud

With a lot of personal problems going on in the Khan family, Amir has decided to separate family from business.

Canelo Alvarez v Amir Khan Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Amir Khan’s family feud has appeared to reach a breaking point, at least so far as his boxing business is concerned. Embroiled in one scandal after another in recent months, whether it be a leaked sex tape or his wife accusing his parents and siblings of physical and mental abuse, things seemed to be spiraling out of control — all in very public fashion.

Now Khan has decided to make a dramatic move where he has removed his father, Shah Khan, his uncle, Tahir Khan, and his close friend Saj Mohamed (who served as the best man at his wedding) from his management team. Khan tells the Mirror that moving forward he wants to separate his family relationships from his business ones.

"My dad is not going to be negotiating fights," said the Bolton boxer. "I love my family to bits, but my business is boxing and I'll have a different team to do that.

“My dad, my mum, I respect them. I want a family relationship with them rather than a business relationship. They'll be at my next fight, hopefully. I will invite them.

"When you mix the two it can get a bit difficult. That's why I want to keep them separate."

Khan’s father has been deeply involved with Amir’s career since his amateur days, effectively serving as a manager/negotiator, and there’s little doubt this move will escalate tensions within the family. But Khan is seeking refuge Stateside, where he’s currently training with Virgil Hunter, and says being here helps him cope with all the family drama.

How all of this will affect Khan’s life and career going forward remains to be seen...

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