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Abel Sanchez not impressed with Keith Thurman, picks Danny Garcia to beat him

Trainer Abel Sanchez gives his thoughts on the upcoming Thurman-Garcia fight.

FightHub caught up with trainer Abel Sanchez to get his thoughts on the big upcoming fight between Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia on March 4. Check out what he had to say:

"I don't really think that much of Thurman. Honestly I've never thought that much of Thurman. I think that Danny Garcia is the better fighter, maybe the smaller fighter, but I see Danny winning - in spite of his father.

"[Luis] Collazo, a couple other fights, Diego Chaves, that I saw Thurman, I wasn't impressed by him. This 'One Time' Thurman thing is a myth. So, I see Danny winning."

Keith Thurman remains the betting favorite at the moment, but it seems that more and more people are warming up to Garcia's chances as time goes by. One thing is for sure, though -- it's a big fight taking place on a big network (CBS) which is great news for the sport of boxing.

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