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Kenny Porter talks Golovkin-Jacobs

Trainer Kenny Porter gives his thoughts on the upcoming middleweight title fight between Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs.

In this video interview with FightHype, trainer Kenny Porter shares his thoughts on Gennady Golovkin taking on Daniel Jacobs and recalls Golovkin from his amateur days. Check out what he had to say about if Golovkin beating Jacobs proves he’s legit:

“I’ve always known [Golovkin] was legit from the amateur system, when he beat a lot of our guys from Team USA...He’s always been a legitimate guy. Same thing I can say about [Vasyl] Lomachenko. I went up against him in the amateurs, in the world championships, I watched him every night in the world championships, I watched him win gold medals...

“So there’s no question there that he’s the real deal, that he’s the goods, the ability, the skill level, everything is there. Just like anything else, everybody wants him to take on tougher challenges and until that happens people are still gonna ask questions...”

On if he thinks Golovkin beats Jacobs:

“You know what, I’m pulling for my man Danny in this fight and at this point I can’t make a decision on who I see winning that fight because I want to go back and compare some of what Danny’s done in his last few fights to what he’s gonna be dealing with against GGG...Check back with me in a few weeks about the winner of that fight but I’m pulling or Danny in this one.

On what about Golovkin stands out so much that he remembers him from the amateurs:

“He beat us. He beat us easy and he beat us bad. We’ve had guys that fought him and they would come back to the corner disgusted, dejected. And we as trainers and coaches knew if we drew [Golovkin] what we were dealing with - he was just that good. And he beat some very, very talented guys from Team USA so I don’t think it’s one thing that stands out about him, it’s all things that he does and he makes it look so easy.

“He doesn’t appear to be working hard at all.”

On if Canelo can beat Golovkin:

“No, Canelo doesn’t beat him. I think it’s a lot like Mayweather when he fought Canelo - he’ll school that kid...I think it’s the overall boxing ability, yeah.”

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