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Robert Garcia: Canelo wins rematch with GGG

Robert Garcia believes Canelo Alvarez can improve upon his first fight with Gennady Golovkin.

Trainer Robert Garcia believes that Gennady Golovkin did the best he can do against Canelo Alvarez, but that Alvarez, the younger fighter, can do better in a likely 2018 rematch.

“I think that was his best shot. At that age, even though there’s so many fighters that could fight at that age, it’s still an age where a lot of fighters are thinking of retirement,” Garcia told Fight Hub TV. “He could maybe put a little more pressure, cut the ring off a bit more than he did, but there’s not much he can change.

“I think the person that can really improve and do much better is Canelo. Canelo went in there knowing he’s in there against a monster, the guy that knocks everybody out cold, so there’s always that question, ‘How well can I take that punch? How much can I get hit?’

“He fought a little too defensive. If he would have tried a little more, maybe he would have won the fight clearly. I think in a rematch, Canelo takes the fight.”

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