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WBC president talks about potentially creating a super heavyweight division

Mauricio Sulaiman talks about beginning a study to see if a new division would be appropriate.

During the wrap up of the WBC’s annual convention, the sanctioning body’s president Mauricio Sulaiman took some time to talk about some of the organization’s new ideas it may implement — which could include an entirely new division. Check out what he had to say...

On creating a new super heavyweight division:

“Yes, we are starting a process to study the data, statistics, regarding heavyweights. Mike Tyson was a small heavyweight. Today heavyweights are 250, 260 pounds, they are very strong. It’s a much difference from the 200 limit that currently exists. So we started a program through statistics and through medical, so in six months we’re gonna review the results and we’ll go from there.

On if creating another division could be problematic:

“Yes it’s a problem. When 15 rounds were changed to 12 it was a different world. Today, to implement a change we have to go through a very difficult process where egos and abuse of power prevent such things of happening. But we have the responsibility of working to make boxing better and safer at all times and we will continue to do so.

On bad judging being a focal point of their convention:

“Yes it was a main topic because anytime there is a controversy, unfortunately it hurts the whole sport regardless where it happened, and how it happened. But we have things, we have procedures and rules that can help minimize controversies. That is our main concern. We are continuing to implement all over the world and we’ll do a strong plead at the United States and the United Kingdom to accept and support the changes that have been recommended, which have had great success all over the world.

“Open scoring after four and eight rounds -- it gives the fighter the opportunity to know if they have to modify the strategy. It gives the fighters the opportunity to know what the judges are scoring. Instant replay — it’s a must. Every sport has it. We need to implement it professionally, immediately in boxing. Noise canceling earphones — that’s a great way of enhancing concentration and limiting the influence of a crowd or a promoter screaming behind you. That influence can get into the judges’ mind unconscious[ly].”

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