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Khan says Brook fight still not ripe

Amir Khan thinks a potential showdown with bitter rival Kell Brook could be even bigger.

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Amir Khan continues to say he wants a fight with Kell Brook, but also continually pushes the idea off as if the time just isn’t right. First Khan shunned a Brook fight years ago because Brook needed to win a world title in order to prove himself worthy. Then, after Brook won a world title, it was because Brook needed to take on a dangerous challenge first.

Then it became about how Khan didn’t want to provide Brook with the opportunity for a big payday. And now it’s because, well...because they both need to rebuild their careers first? That’s what Khan is telling Sky Sports.

“For me and Kell Brook at the moment, I think the fight could be bigger if we both get a couple of wins," Khan exclusively told Sky Sports.

"If we get a couple of wins, I think it will be a massive fight. It will be a big fight now, but it will be a massive fight if we wait maybe another fight.

"One hundred per cent, I would love that fight."

Khan, who hasn’t fought since getting sparked by Canelo Alvarez in May 2016, says he’s finally ready to get back to doing what he does best after his long hiatus — one riddled with family spats gone wildly public.

But it seems that one of the things Khan does best is make up excuses as to why a fight with Kell Brook — a match-up that’s as obvious to make now as it has been at any other time — has just not simmered enough. The fact of the matter is that this fight should’ve happened years ago, and there clearly only seems to be one side that’s not keen on seeing it come to fruition.

And so the eternal battle between Khan and Brook continues to rage on. But only in the media, and not in the ring, where it belongs.

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