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Wilder: I put fear in these fighters’ heart!

Deontay Wilder claims his approach to boxing is different than other fighters, which makes him more dangerous.

In this conversation captured by FightHype, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder talks about calling out Anthony Joshua for a title unification and what sets him apart from other fighters in the sport.

When asked if about being the first person to really call out Anthony Joshua, Wilder responds:

“Most definitely. I’m the first to call out everybody...of course I called Joshua out. He know what I want. They know what I want. Hearn knows what I want. The UK fans know what I want. And I want him.

“He says he’s the best, at least where — let me rephrase that. He don’t say he’s the best — he don’t even know if he’s the best or not...but [he’s] a champion, because they bought that first belt from Charles Martin, for sure. So he wasn’t even ready. He wasn’t even ready to step up to the plate but now that you done fulfilled the spot, man, you can’t be talking about you ain’t ready. You can’t say that!

“You a champion. I’m a champion. The people say you the best — they speak for you, ‘cause you a coward, you can’t talk for yourself. But I speak for myself. I say I’m the best. So let’s see who’s the best. You know they already was terrified of me. When I say ‘they’ I mean all the top guys in the heavyweight division.

“I’m not saying all these fighters are scared of me. You know, I know some of ‘em want to fight me, they really feel they can beat me...but, you know, I do put fear in these fighters’ heart. And they should have fear when it comes to me because I’m coming in there to try to really hurt you — to the point where you don’t even have a life to live.

“That’s what I’m on...ain’t nobody on the shit that I’m on. I’m on some like death-threatening shit. Like try to take your life type shit. That’s what I’m on when I get in that ring because the Bronze Bomber takes effect when I get in that square ring. But on the outside I’m Deontay.

“So with that being said these guys know when I talk I’m for real. I’m serious. Or I wouldn’t say it. They know when my presence is in the room, that you can feel it! That energy vibe starts to come. I don’t play around, man. This is what I want, I’m ready to unify the division. I’m a fighter so my mentality has to be that way...”

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