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Hey Harold! Corrales vs. Machado

HBO’s Harlod Lederman gives his preview on this weekend’s fight between Jezreel Corrales and Alberto Machado.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In HBO’s latest installment of Hey Harold! the longtime HBO commentator breaks down this weekend’s main event featuring Jezreel Corrales and Alberto Machado. Check it out...

“On October the 21st we’re gonna show Jezreel Corrales defending his junior lightweight title, 130 pounds, against Puerto Rico’s Alberto Machado at the Turning Stone Casino, near Syracuse, New York.

“Jezreel Corrales and Alberto Machado is a very, very interesting fight. Corrales, the champion, is a bit wild, okay. When you watch him, throws punches from every angle you can think of. I mean he throws a lot of looping shots, with both hands. He throws looping shots with his right hand, which is his lead hand, and he throws looping shots with his power hand — his left hand.

“On the other hand Alberto Machado, very stand up, straight, boxes beautifully. I think it’s gonna give him an advantage in this fight because the Corrales style should be made for Machado.

“You’ve got two southpaws in this fight, both of them are left-handed. In other words they keep their power hand back, lead with the right hand. So, you know, I’m looking for an exciting fight. I think we’re really gonna have a good fight in that one.”

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