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Wilder says he suffered a ‘stress breakdown’ from Ortiz’s failed drug test

Deontay Wilder says he still wants to fight Luis Ortiz, though.

WBC heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder took to video to express his thoughts on Luis Ortiz’s recently failed drug test, which has put their upcoming fight on Showtime in serious jeopardy.

“Last night I had a stress breakdown, man. I just, I don’t understand, bro. I don’t understand why these fighters don’t want to fuckin’ fight me fair! I can’t understand it to save my life, but they do all this fuckin’, it’s some bullshit. But you supposed to be the boogeyman of the mothafuckin’ division. You a bitch. That’s what you is — a straight bitch. That’s sad, man.

“And then these motherfuckas wanna sit here and blame it on some blood pressure medicine?! My nigga, you ain’t on no blood pressure medicine! Let’s keep it real. Keep it real to all the people: you are not on blood pressure medicine. You was just at the hospital putting IVs in your system trying to flush that shit — that’s why you didn’t make it to the press conference!”

Wilder continued on for a few more minutes, but also posted this on his Instagram page where he mentioned that he’s considering walking away from the sport, although that’s was probably just stated in the heat of the moment.

DIDN'T I TELL YOU DON'T FUCK THIS UP @kingkongboxing ⁉️ SMDH. I'm so sick of you guys fucking with me, fucking up this brave sport with this BS. If you was that scared then you should have hidden under a damn rock until the coast was clear of me! You's want to be hard core fighters that cheat are straight up bitches, just keep fucking up this sport. I just can't believe this is happening to me again‼️ first it was POVETKIN dirty ass then Andrzej Wawrzyk clumsy ASS AND NOW ORTIZ dumb ass but yet steadily beating his damn chest like he's asking for a bunch of bananas ape shit is what you are. I apologize to all the fans but I just can't deal with this shit anymore. Over this last past year and a half I've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars dealing with straight scared ass grown men and I don't think I can take much more I'm almost at my breaking point now. I had a stress break down last night and it wasn't healthy for me. I couldn't hold any of my emotions back and as men we don't want to cry but it all just came out at once, while big ass vein bursting out my head. @wbcmoro if possible I still want this ape shit head on a platter. I'm well acknowledgeable that's Otriz is taking something but I accept all responsibility that may occur in the actions of this fight. I'm really considering walking away from this sport I love so much. Like I always say "I'm the realist Champ in the business" and everything I've said has been true thus far so if this is it just know I've tried my damnedest to prove I am the best in the WORLD but other cowards have failed us into proving it I can only fight what's in front of me and the so called best just don't want to man up and face me. Much love to all my supporters, Hey we tried right⁉️ peace and blessings to you all and may we see each other again one day in paradise fishing. #BOMBZQUAD #TheBaddestManOnThePlanet #TheMostFearedChampionInTheBusiness

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At this time the Nov. 4th Showtime card hasn’t been canceled but it remains to be seen if the main event between Wilder and Ortiz will be salvaged or if Wilder will instead take on a late replacement.

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