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Andrade cruises past Fox in 160lb debut

Demetrius Andrade had no challenge whatsoever in Alantez Fox.

Andrade beats Nelson Amanda Westcott / SHOWTIME

Demetrius Andrade made easy work of Alantez Fox on HBO tonight, dominating him over 12 rounds in his middleweight debut to win a unanimous decision. Andrade come out and hurt Fox early in the opening round, and Fox appeared to make a decision that he wanted to make it out of this fight on his feet.

That meant we didn't get much of an action fight, and Andrade didn't get out of his comfort zone, but Andrade took every round of this fight on my card. All except the 8th round, where a slip and fall by Andrade was ruled an official knockdown, putting Fox on the board.

Official scores from the judges were 118-110, 118-109, 116-111. Quite frankly, I'm not sure how a judge could even have it as close as 116-111. I had the fight 118-109 for BLH, and that's only because of the bogus knockdown. So, pretty much a gentleman's sweep for Andrade.

With the win Andrade has a successful debut under his new three-fight contract with HBO. He'll be looking to get lined up with one of the divisions top dogs before long.

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