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Coats bails on Rahman Jr. fight right before opening bell

In a rather bizarre scene, Joseph Coats thought better of fighting Rahman Jr. right before the fight was to take place.

Boxing is known for all of its abrupt and unanticipated endings, but recently we saw an odd and abrupt ending of a fight before a punch was even thrown. Hasim Rahman Jr. (2-0, 2 KOs), the son of former world titleholder, was set to Joseph Coats in a scheduled four-rounder in Durham, North Carolina, but right before the fight was about to begin Coats had second thoughts and walked out of the ring.

As reported by ESPN, Coats at first refused to leave the dressing room for the fight but later agreed and made his way to the ring. But once in the ring he again reconsidered and decided not to go through with the fight, leaving the ring and the venue altogether.

Matchmaker Russell Peltz and Rahman’s promoter, Greg Cohen, said they were completely shocked by what they witnessed.

"Russell told me in his 48 years in the sport, he never saw anything like this," Cohen said. "A fighter in the ring rethinks his choice and leaves. I'm told he was out of the building before the announcer finished explaining to the crowd what happened."

Coats is reportedly facing a suspension from North Carolina regulators and Rahman’s reaction to the situation can be seen in the video above. Pretty bizzare.

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