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Loeffler: We’re doing our best to have Canelo-Golovkin rematch in May

Gennady Golovkin’s promoter talks about their efforts to secure a sequel with Canelo Alvarez.

In this interview captured by FightHub, Gennady Golovkin’s K2 promoter, Tom Loeffler, talks about his impressions on the fight with Canelo Alvarez and mentions that their priority is to secure the rematch. Check out what he had to say...

Loeffler on his thoughts on the fight and the decision:

“Well, it was a great fight. It was a great promotion. The event was in over 200 countries, so the event itself was great. The decision, I mean, we thought Gennady won the fight pretty clearly but both guys are great ambassadors for the sport. I think the event was great for the sport and for the fans. And the fans want to see a rematch, so we’re gonna work, we’re gonna do our best to do a rematch with Canelo in May. Hopefully we can work it out and the fans will get to see it again.”

On engaging Golden Boy in negotiations for the rematch:

“Yeah, I started last week — I had a conversation with Eric Gomez and so we’re gonna do everything we can on our side to make the rematch happen.”

On the chances that it happens:

“I think it’s a good possibility because it was a very successful event and I know Gennady wants it as his priority so I think Canelo will do it. I mean, uh, we owe the fans the rematch because they want to see the two great fighters in the ring again.”

On if he spoke to NSAC chairman Bob Bennett about Adalaide Byrd’s scorecard:

“Yeah. He’s still looking into that situation. It was just such a wide score but there were two other judges and one had it a draw — we didn’t agree with that either so — we think the referee did a great job and that Dave Moretti scored it fine but we’ll just make the best of the situation if the rematch happens.”

On if he’s considering moving the fight to another state this time:

“Just like the first time I know Madison Square Garden is very interested, I know Cowboy Stadium is very interested, and Las Vegas definitely wants to have it again so we’ll see what’s the best situation. It’s not just about the commission or the officials, it’s also so much else involved with the publicity, with the financial revenue, so we’ll have to see what’s the best situation. If it does happen it would be Cinco de Mayo for next year.”

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