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WBC prez talks Luis Ortiz’s failed drug test

Mauricio Sulaiman discusses Wilder-Ortiz being in serious jeopardy.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman takes some time to discuss Luis Ortiz’s recently failed drug test, where his sanctioning body currently stands in making an ultimate determination on that, and how to improve boxing as a whole.

Sulaiman on improving boxing:

“We cannot fall behind baseball, football, soccer, hockey, all the sports, tennis — they use technology to make the just decisions during the games. In boxing we have to understand that officials are human beings. And there are certain instances where they do not see an action, we must rely on instant replay. We must rely on the open scoring after four and eight rounds so the corners have the opportunity to adjust and have the opportunity to win the fights when they are behind. So we’re trying to get the world together in making the right decisions.”

How how difficult a task that is:

“It is hard in the United States and the U.K. because of the natural resistance to change, and the Independence of every single commission. And it is not easy to implement changes. But we’re gonna work hard, diligently, and try to make it happen. There’s nothing worse than not trying so we’re gonna do another strong effort to try and make it happen.”

On Luis Ortiz’s failed drug test:

“Unfortunately Ortiz has an adverse finding for a diuretic and we are in the process of finalizing the specific situation because each case is different. Each substance is different, and we have to address it that way.”

On Deontay Wilder requesting that the fight go through even despite the failed test:

“Well, that’s a fighter. A fighter has a heart and a desire. I’m feel so bad for Wilder — this is the third doping case in two years for him which is keeping him outside of the ring, keeping him from making money. But there’s no compromising safety. If it is not safe for him, if it is not safe for Ortiz, we will never be part of something like that.

“We are going in deep to see exactly the specific case and we will make a resolution within the next two days.”

On ordering an immediate Canelo-Golovkin rematch:

“Absolutely. The WBC board of governors join in a unanimous way to order the immediate rematch. It was a great fight, it’s a fight that the world wants to see. It’s a fight that both fighters want. So the WBC has ordered the rematch and it will eventually, hopefully, take place and be a second chapter of what we saw September 16th.”

On what that means for mandatory challenger Jermall Charlo:

“Well Charlo is a mandatory contender, we’re gonna address his situation on Wednesday and we will make certain that his rights are preserved and that he is not hurt during this process.”

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