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WBSS: Yildirim’s manager flips out at Eubank Jr. press conference!

Laugh at Ahmet Öner at your own peril.

So, I’m not completely sure how to frame this, but the press conference for the WBSS’ quarterfinals match between Chris Eubank Jr. and Avni Yildirm erupted into chaos. And the source of the whole uproar was Yildirm’s manager, Ahmet Öner, who recently compared his fighter to John Rambo — so it’s no wonder things got a little explosive (see what I did there!)

The meltdown began with the manager working himself up by ridiculing Eubank Jr. on for being arrogant, and then got up and walked off while threatening to knock someone out who was off-camera. That would escalate into a heated altercation but the manager would find his way back to the dais soon thereafter.

Of course that wouldn’t be the end of it, as the manager again exploded, yelling at a man off-stage not to laugh at him as he once again stood up to go after the him. And from there the language got pretty intense.

“When you laugh, you son of a b*tch, I f*ck your wife in your bed!”

The manager would then need to be held by three others as he completely lost it. Needless to say, any time we see this kind of behavior, it’s usually from the fighters or trainers, not managers. So perhaps this is something new...

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