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WBC says it’s being vigilant to prevent mismatches


Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Another tidbit which has come out of the WBC’s annual convention is the sanctioning body’s apparent commitment to stamping out mismatches. In an article penned by the WBC, Dean Lohuis, the Chairman of the Mismatches Committee (apparently that’s really a thing) says that the organization works closely with BoxRec to make sure appropriate match-ups are made.

“The aim is make sure boxers fight opponents who are on the same skills and experience level, rather than competing when they have no realistic chance to win,” wrote the WBC.

Now that’s a pretty funny thing to assert when the sanctioning body was a vocal advocate for an all-time great in Floyd Mayweather taking on MMA fighter Conor McGregor this past summer — who had absolutely zero professional boxing experience! Not only did the organization talk-up the fight, but they also created a ridiculously extravagant belt to commemorate the bout. But yeah, totally against matches between fighters with obvious skill and experience disparities.

Any ol’ way, the WBC also mentions that they are concerned with making sure fighters are competing in the appropriate weight classes and not being weight-drained, while also saying that they carefully assess how many defeats and knockouts a fighter has suffered because “protecting fighters is paramount, by identifying if that bout would be a safety risk.”

Lohuis says the organization is making great progress and has received only positive feedback from promoters.

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