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Oscar De La Hoya says he’s been training, wants to fight Conor McGregor

Will the Golden Boy return to a boxing ring? Only for Conor McGregor, he says.

Canelo Alvarez & Gennady Golovkin Press Tour - New York Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

Oscar De La Hoya, who is now 44 years old, a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, and hasn’t fought since a 2008 drubbing at the hands of Manny Pacquiao, made a big challenge on Golden Boy Radio today: he wants Conor McGregor in a boxing ring.

“You know I’m competitive, I still have it in me. I’ve been secretly training. I’m faster than ever and stronger than ever. I know I can take out Conor McGregor in two rounds. I’ll come back for that fight,” De La Hoya said.

“I’m calling him out. Two rounds.”

It is highly unlikely that De La Hoya is faster or stronger than ever, but I’m going to say this, because I said something similar months ago: De La Hoya would beat McGregor in a boxing match. With a training camp, in shape, De La Hoya at 44 would beat McGregor, and do so handily.

Maybe I’m in the minority thinking that. Maybe not. You tell me: would Oscar beat Conor in a boxing match in 2018? And if this fight were to happen, would you buy the PPV?

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