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Kovalev: Referee Tony Weeks was Team Ward

Sergey Kovalev says Tony Weeks showed favoritism towards Andre Ward in their second meeting.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

So, clearly not ALL of Sergey Kovalev’s problems were of the self-inflicted variety. In this video interview with FightHub, Kovalev talks about referee Tony Weeks being on Team Andre Ward in their rematch and, surprisingly, shits on John David Jackson as a trainer once again.

Kovalev on why he didn’t throw low blows back against Ward if he was on the receiving end:

“Somewhere inside me I understand that if I will do this, like disqualification will be. Because I already understand since second round that Tony Weeks was in his team. Because when I get a low blow, I show him — my [inaudible] was in dressing room with Tony Weeks to get attention for low blow. He said ‘You professional, he’s professional, I’m professional. Don’t teach me how to do this!” Okay. And what we saw?

“How I remember, it was the second round, like ‘oh’ [hunching over from a groin shot]...He goes ‘It’s okay, just keep working.’ And after this I don’t remember the fight.”

On if he thinks Tony Weeks is corrupt:

“You said [it],” Kovalev laughs. “But I don’t know, corrupt or not, but he was in the Ward team. He was with Ward on this fight, not with me, not with anybody — he was against me.”

On if he thinks he was overtrained for that fight:

“No, I’m not overtrained...John [David Jackson] didn’t have any instructions on what I should to do, you know? I don’t know, since first day, between us, [it has been like that]. He didn’t have any instructions on what I should to do, you know like, because he’s busy with the phone all [the] time.

On what he thinks should happen to judges who have been turning in unthinkable scorecards:

“Disqualification for all life. For all life because these judges making, you know, like, terrible boxing. Disappointed and broken a lot of dreams of the fighters. You know, like some fighters fought for their dreams all life and get opportunity to get it, but somebody decided you don’t deserve it. Come on! Who are you?! You not a God. You just like, if you got this job, you should do fair and like hundred percent to do this — yes, neutral. To be neutral like fair, who is best, you should put it [on the scorecard]...”

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