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Jorge Linares demonstrates boxing fundamentals

Jorge Linares displays some of the more underrated aspects of the sport.

Ring generalship, head movement, and balance all represent some of the more overlooked details to the discipline of boxing — at least to a casual audience, anyway — but they're really the most important parts to applying the craft of the sport. And with that in mind, who better than Jorge Linares to demonstrate some of the fundamentals — ones even seasoned world champions still need to routinely practice.

Linares is one of the most skillfully crafted fighters on the planet, and in this footage captured by FightHub he sharpens those skills through diligent and repetitive training drills in the gym.

Watch and take note of the defensive movements and head positioning Linares employs to 'stay off the line' while looking for counter opportunities. For those unfamiliar with the saying, 'stay off the line' is a tactical concept about keeping yourself off the trajectory of most imminent danger — with a straight line being the shortest distance between you and incoming fire. The routine is simulated with this jabbing contraption I've been spotting around different gyms lately.

Then watch as he practices ring generalship by using constant foot movement to control his opponent's aggression and to 'stay off the line' in another context. It's these fundamentals that allow those adept in the sweet science of boxing to dictate the terms and landscape of an engagement.

It's admittedly not the most sexy thing to watch on video, and certainly won't grab as many eyeballs as someone getting stretched by a mean right hand, but this is the foundation of the sport. These are the subtle details that set everything up. And those who master these details can overcome most other deficiencies — much more so than the other way around.

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