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Prichard Colon’s father protests the fighter who injured his son

Richard Colon doesn’t think Terrel Williams should be allowed to fight anymore after putting his son in a coma.

PBC on NBC: Lamont Peterson v Felix Diaz Jr. Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Richard Colon, the father of Prichard Colon — a fighter who suffered an unthinkable tragedy just a couple years ago — traveled all the way from his home in Florida to Flint, Michigan in order to protest Terrel Williams, the man who injured his boy.

Colon showed up to Williams’ weigh-in yesterday wearing signs and shouting from the audience, "Yo, yo, yo, look over here, this is the guy who put my son in a coma," according to a report from ESPN.

The father would tell ESPN that he doesn’t believe Williams should be allowed to fight anymore as he believes the fighter consistently and deliberately fouled his son by punching the back of his head which cause a serious brain bleed that would change the family forever. Prichard Colon would ultimately survive the ordeal, but he suffered serious brain damage and is still unable to walk or talk.

"I would like a change in boxing, I want to prevent other boxers from going through what Prichard is and what we are as a family," Richard Colon said. "Boxing is a good game, but boxers need to follow the rules and the referees need to make that happen.

"He (Williams) was looking to throw punches behind his head -- rabbit punches -- and he never tried to stop. He tried to hammer my son."

Williams is scheduled to fight on tonight’s PBC card against Rosemberg Gomez, his first fight since his bout with Colon two years ago.

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