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Wilder: I want a body on my record!

Deontay Wilder talks about wanting to literally kill Bermane Stiverne this weekend.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder talks to FightHub about facing Bermane Stiverne this weekend, as well as looking forward to ending Stiverne's life. There's no love lost between these two fighters, but we don't often seen fighters so brash about aiming for a toe tag.

Wilder on what he's looking forward to in the fight:

"I just want [Stiverne] to stay by his word. We've done heard it all before. All before, the same old thing. So hopefully he don't get dehydrated this time. I gave him Pedialyte...this right here turned up into a whole 'nother level. Somebody will die in that ring come November the 4th. I promise.

"The ambulance better be ready, medical better be ready. The referee better be ready. They better have that towel to be able to throw it in because every blow is gonna mean something. This is death. I want a body on my record anyway! I wanna put a body there! This just got even more personal.

"I beat him to an inch of his life the first time, this time I'm gonna end his life."

Wilder on what Stiverne might try to do differently this time:

"There's nothing he can bring. He brought everything he could bring the first time. He brought all his tricks, all his power. There's nothing he's gonna be able to do this time. The only thing he's gonna be able to do is pick a spot on the ground to lay at! And be there! And remember that!

"I want the canvas where he laid at. Because it's gonna be memorabilia for me. That's gonna be one body under my record. I guess they all will run then, huh? This is no game I play. I'm very serious and everybody knows I mean every word that I say."

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