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Thurman: Spence unification on hold until 2019

Keith Thurman says a title unification with Errol Spence Jr. is not on his to-do list at this point.

In this video interview with FightHype, unified welterweight titleholder Keith Thurman talks about what he has envisioned for his return to boxing following injury and why another unification bout with fellow titlist Errol Spence Jr. isn’t likely to happen in the coming year. Check it out...

Thurman on his injured elbow has affected his stock as a fighter:

“The funny thing is, my last performance I gained two world titles, right. I’m the only welterweight that holds two major world titles out of the four. Every other champion holds one title, I hold two. So by beating Danny Garcia my stock definitely risen. The surgery only put me on plateau, we have not gained, but we have not lost in value ‘cause I still am the undefeated, unified welterweight champion of the world. And I’m the only welterweight that can state that.

“So my ranking right now holds a lot of merit...nobody has surpassed Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman yet. Nobody has [taken] away my 0. We know the motto ‘I got a 0, I’m not afraid to let it go.’ If you can beat me, beat me. You know what I’m saying? I haven’t been beaten yet. So like I said, when you are unbeaten [your stock] can only go up. To be put on the bench is to only plateau. But when I step back into the ring you best believe we’re gonna go back to work and we’re trying to bring that value back up, baby...”

On a potential unification with Errol Spence being on hold until 2019:

“I know you guys wanna keep talking about it but it’s definitely on hold. It’s not on my to-do list. To be honest, it’s not on my immediate to-do list. My immediate to-do list is to get back, get moving, and then, I don’t know per se, but Shawn Porter is a mandatory through the WBC. First time we fought, we fought representing my WBA on the line. But now he’s mandated through the WBC. So this is a different situation, and he worked hard, he wanted the rematch since the loss — we all know that — and he put himself in position for the rematch.

“So I believe I have to get back, I feel like I’ma have some obligations, before we can even open up that discussion. So yes, technically, it is on hold. It’s not even in the near future, it’s not discussable, it’s not what’s on the plate right now.

“When I was in New York he said he’s ready to fight me when I’m ready. Well guess what? Honestly, I’m not ready! Not because I’m not ready, but I got things to do. I gotta get back, and then I’m gonna have some obligations, then I’ll probably be free, back moving, back active, and we’ll be able to negotiate.

“But even if so, depending on how that sounds, you’re right, ‘19 sounds more realistic than ‘18.”

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