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Manny Pacquiao tweet suggests he wants to face Conor McGregor

Is another big-time boxing name targeting the MMA superstar?

It is Thanksgiving day in America, and as I write this, I am pondering the meaning of the holiday, and working on a mindset of an attitude of gratitude. Like, this is a day in which one singular tradition is over indulging food-stuffs...and I know full well that in many pockets of the world, food scarcity is an immense problem. So, perspective is something I seek...

And as I ruminate, I web surf, and I come across this...

Does this mean what I think it does? Does it mean anything, or is it merely an exercise in buzz generation? Is Manny Pacquiao really aiming to secure a fight with 0-1 boxer Conor McGregor? My guess is yes, before I seek to verify the intent of this IG post by the Pacman account.

It makes sense — or more to the point, it would make dollars. Not as much as McGregor v Mayweather did, but aside from Mayweather v Pacquiao 2, which I'm not keen to see, McGregor v Pacquiao would provide the best bang for the buck for part-time pugilist Pacquiao.

Readers, talk to this something you'd pay to watch?

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