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Andre Dirrell vs. Jose Uzcategui II planned for January 27th in Los Angeles

The two first fought in May


After their May showdown ended in controversy, Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui are reportedly set to duke it out once again on January 27th in L.A. The fight doesn’t appear to be official yet, but Uzcategui promoter Fernando Beltrán tells ESPN Deportes that there is an agreement in place.

The first fight was entertaining and competitive while it lasted, with Uzcategui (26-2, 22 KO) controlling the early going with power punches before Dirrell (26-2, 16 KO) forced him to limit his output and retook momentum midway through. At the end of the eighth, Uzcategui threw a three-punch combo that saw the last shot knock Dirrell cold just after the bell, resulting in a DQ and a trip to jail for Dirrell’s uncle Leon Lawson when he sucker-punched the Venezuelan.

As the article points out, January 27th is the planned date for Mikey Garcia’s next fight, which could be against anyone from Robert Easter Jr. to Omar Figueroa. Slapping that fight and this one together could make for a good show.

Also, BoxRec’s formatting is hilariously broken right now. Check out the giga-sized pics of Devon Alexander and Amir Khan on the front page while you can.

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