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Hey Harold!: Cotto vs. Ali

HBO’s Harlod Lederman previews Miguel Cotto vs. Sadam Ali.

In this latest installment of HBO’s Hey Harold!, the veteran commentator gives his quick and dirty breakdown of Miguel Cotto’s final fight against Sadam Ali this weekend at Madison Square Garden...

“December 2nd may be the last time we see Miguel Cotto. Miguel Cotto is a very hard hitter. You know, he’s the kind of guy that everybody likes, people will want to see him again. He’s 41-5, he’s fought nothing but top guys.

“I got a funny feeling that people are going to want to see him again, they’re gonna start saying ‘Miguel, you gotta come back!’ but on December 2nd, as I say, he’s taking on Sadam Ali. Sadam Ali is basically a welterweight and he’s moving up to 154. It’s the first time he’s ever fought at 154, they’re fighting at junior middleweight.

“Look for a good fight but look for a big win for Miguel Cotto in what he’s saying is his last fight in boxing.”

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