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Wilder: Stiverne’s family will cry again while they bury him!

Deontay Wilder talks more about wanting to kill Bermane Stiverne.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

We’re now just one day away from the rematch between Deontay “Murder-Death-Kill” Wilder and Bermane Stiverne, and Wilder — surprisingly — hasn’t shied away from his promises of a homicide. In this video interview with FightHub, Wilder talks more about tomorrow evening’s fight.

Wilder on be calm during yesterday’s press conference when Stiverne got clearly agitated:

“It’s the same ol’ stuff. He says the same ol’ thing over and over again. He said this before, what happened? Nothing. He said he was gonna do something before, what happened? Nothing. I said I was gonna beat his ass, I said I was gonna send him to the hospital. I even said ‘what hospital you want me to send [the gift basket to]?’

“So this time he done stepped it up a little bit more. This time it’s life or death in the ring. He said he was gonna kill me, I said I’ma kill him, so may the best man win on the killing spree. This is an occupation that we chose. So if death may happen, then hey, let it happen.

“Stiverne is done, this is a death sentence for Stiverne. Ya’ll think I’m playing when I say this. I don’t play around! I do not play around. In the sport that I’m in I can show my aggression, I can show my passion, I can show my pain — somebody gotta feel it! And he will feel it come November the 4th. He just made the fight that [much] more intensifying. He done just heated the fight up — ‘cause I don’t take death threats well. I mean what I say, though! I know what I say, and I know what I mean.

“He hasn’t fought nobody in almost three years, how can he fight me? The blood gonna be on somebody’s hands. Somebody gonna regret that they had him as my mandatory. I can’t wait.”

On Stiverne being more animated than usual during the final presser:

“Well the thing about it is he made all these people promises that he didn’t fulfill. I beat him fair and square. Why you mad at me? I come in peace, I’m at peace. When I leave here and when I go home after this fight I’ma be at peace. So whatever happens, happens.

“Nothing about Stiverne gives him the qualifications of beating me. I beat you twelve rounds! Easy! Had fun. You throw your best punch, I laughed and came back with one as I was laughing and sticking my tongue out at you. What in the hell you think you’re gonna do this time that you didn’t do the last time? Nothing! All you gonna do is sit there and be a punching bag. Each and every time I whale on you — that’s your life! Because I’m coming with bad intentions.

“And if they don’t stop this fight or throw it in the ring, hey, that’s gonna be on them. The blood is not gonna be on my hands, I’m just a fighter. I’ma do my job in there. And they know when I speak, I speak loud and proud. They know when my presence is in the air, I don’t fuck around. Ya’ll will see.

“[Stiverne] is intimidated by me...I promise you, there’s a body gonna be taken come November the 4th. Guarantee. If it don’t be in the ring it’s gonna be at the hospital a couple of days after. But it’s gonna happen. Trust me.

“[Stiverne] made me even more ready, I can’t wait. So when it happens I don’t want nobody to feel sorry. I don’t want nobody to feel sorry. Don’t cry [laughs].

On if he’s prepared to to face some adversity against Stiverne:

“Like I said — quote me — if he beats me I will retire. I’m not worried about him knocking me out. I done took his best punch, and it wasn’t nothing...he has nothing for me. Nothing!

“The thing about it, they think I’m playing. They think it’s a game but it ain’t no game for me. This ain’t no jokey jokey, this is my job and I take my job very seriously. I ain’t worried about nothing he’s bringing for me. Nothing!

“The thing he’s gotta worry about is me. The man can’t even look me in my eyes because he know. I don’t fear no man on earth. I don’t even fear death because death is something that’s promised to us. That’s gonna happen. The only thing we can do with death is prepare for it. And I’m well prepared for it so if it’s judgement day for me, then let it be. My family will be alright. But can his family say the same thing?

“His brother didn’t even want him to fight me. Let’s be honest, his brother didn’t even want him to fight me because he know. His brother [sat] there and cried after the fight, after I whooped him. Now they gonna cry again while they bury him!”

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