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Eubank Jr: Groves is in serious trouble

Chris Eubank Jr. talks about looking forward to putting a hurting on George Groves.

In this video interview with FightHype following their press conference, Chris Eubank Jr. talks a bit about his upcoming World Boxing Super Series’ semifinals match against WBA titleholder George Groves. Eubank Jr. seems to be taking a lot of confidence from past sparring sessions with Groves and brings that up once again here. Check it out...

Eubank Jr. on just getting back to London from Abu Dhabi:

“12 hours ago I was on a private island in Abu Dhabi, you know, and now I’m here staring George Groves in the face telling him what I’m gonna do to him in a couple months time. You know, that’s my life.

“I’m in great shape already, I’m gonna have a solid 10-11 week training camp for this fight, he’s in serious trouble.“

On what he saw when looking into Groves eyes during their face off:

“Weakness. Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Everything I’m getting from this man, in terms of what he’s saying, how he’s looking, it’s all negative. It’s all signs of a man that’s ready to lose. And so I’m gonna help him on his way.”

On what happened in their past sparring sessions that he was mentioning during the presser:

“He got dealt with. That’s the kindest way I can put it, you know. He got dealt with severely, in multiple training sessions over a number of years. He never, ever got the best of me. And that’s where I get my confidence from. That’s what makes me laugh when he sits up there and says I’m not legitimate, when he says I’m too small and I don’t belong at world level and I’ve never fought anybody like him. I have fought him!

“We’ve been in the trenches together for years. I know exactly what he is. And I’ll show you guys what he is February 17th.”

On if he might release that sparring footage:

“Well I asked him, I said to him ‘do you want me release it?’ He said ‘yeah, sure’ so who knows. We’ll see what happens. If he keeps saying stupid things maybe I have to put a couple rounds out there for people to see, just to check him.”

On if winning the WBSS tournament makes him the best super middleweight out there or would he still need to beat James DeGale to claim that distinction:

“I’m already the best. Before the fight even happens I’m the best super middleweight in the world.”

On DeGale saying he hopes to get fight with him:

“He wants the money that that fight will generate. He most definitely doesn’t want me. Nobody wants me. Groves doesn’t want me, Callum Smith doesn’t want me, but they have to have me because they’ve signed on the dotted line, we’re in the tournament, there’s no running. That’s what I love about this set up — is that there is no ducking, there is no dodging, there’s no hiding. We’re in it. We’re here.”

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