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Watch: One-on-One with Sadam Ali (HBO)

Sadam Ali talks to Kieran Mulvaney about his upcoming fight against Miguel Cotto.

In the latest installment of HBO’s One-on-One, Kieran Mulvaney talks to Sadam Ali who will be moving up to 154lbs to take on Miguel Cotto this weekend, in what is said to by Cotto’s final fight. Check out what Ali had to say...

Ali on the opportunity to fight Cotto in Madison Square Garden being a dream come true:

“A dream come true. I’m blessed. First and foremost I want to thank God, I want to thank Team Cotto for this opportunity. I’m excited, you know, the mecca of boxing in my hometown — it’s gonna be amazing.”

On why he was willing to take this fight when a number of other fighters turned it down:

“Um, it’s against a legend, in Madison Square Garden as well. This is my opportunity, this is a big chance for me and not everybody gets this opportunity, or is in the position to take this opportunity. But I love the challenge and I know I’m the huge underdog but I’ve been working, I’m ready to work.”

On Miguel Cotto getting all the attention for this fight and if it gives him extra motivation:

“It’s some motivation but, you know, it’s Cotto’s last fight so I understand they’re gonna be all on that and Cotto is a legend and the bigger star so it’s gonna be more attention on him. It doesn’t bother me in any way. I do see a lot of people who talk down about me, that makes me want to prove a lot of people wrong but, I don’t let it affect me.”

On this being an chance to regain the momentum he lost when he got knocked out by Jessie Vargas:

“Oh, for sure. For sure. I know how great I am and moving forward I’ma do my thing.”

On how he plans to send Cotto into retirement with a loss:

“Problem is I’m a nice guy so it kinda sucks to do that, but of course that’s the plan...I just have to be prepared. He’s a dangerous fighter, I have to be smart and I have to look out for everything in there. I have to make sure that I’m on point and it can happen.”

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