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Wilder vs Stiverne II results: Dominic Breazeale stops Eric Molina in WBC eliminator

Dominic Breazeale is now in line for a WBC heavyweight title shot.

Breazeale vs. Bisbal Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Eric Molina and Dominic Breazeale tangled for the right to a title shot against the WBC heavyweight champion, on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Molina (26-5, 19 KO), promoted by Don King, had a title shot against Anthony Joshua in Dec. 2016, but got stopped and was looking to claw back. Breazeale (19-1, 17 KO) had a height edge.

He exerted it, somewhat ponderously, breaking down the Texan over eight rounds. In the final round, a spent Molina went to a knee, and got up, throwing as best he could, but his tank was on E.

Back on his stool, there was debate in his corner, and then they decided to pull the plug. By TKO, Breazeale got the W, wearing down the smaller lad. His 255 pounds wore on the 240-pounder over the longish haul.

In the first, Molina looked to pick off shots, and his corner yelled “move.” Breazeale peppered him, in a corner, and his corner yelled “off the ropes.” Breazeale stalked, slowly, and Molina worked a jab. He wanted to be mobile, not let Breazeale get a clean read. Molina was actively defensive, slipping shots, ducking low.

Molina, 35, had a Joshua loss in common with the 32-year-old Breazeale, who got stopped in round seven in June 2016, one fight before Molina was the victim. In round two, we saw Breazeale stalk more. Would he grind down Molina? In the third, Molina looked to wing rights to the body. And to the head. He wanted to start winning rounds. DB was now loading up, too. But that helped Molina defend, because he wasn’t beig too crafty setting up shots.

In round four, Breazeale edged forward and Molina stayed crafty and moving. His corner demanded it. They wanted him to smart-box to a decision. The Texan wanted to land those couple clean shots and steal the round, even though he wasn’t throwing as much. To the fifth, we saw Molina in retreat. DB was loading up too much to land clean as much as he’d like. We heard some boos, a rarity in Barclays, frankly, as these crowds typically are respectful as long as people are throwing, and Breazeale was, and Molina was in spots.

In the sixth, Breazeale wanted to change it up by advancing quicker, closing the distance quicker and more so. Get closer and maybe I will have better luck, he thought. Marginally. To the seventh; DB got countered a bit as he tried to sting Molina. More spot boos were heard, this one wasn’t a barn burner, but both men were working. It just wasn’t pretty. To the eighth; Molina was taking more. He went to a knee. He was so fatigued. No knockdown. He went to his corner, fatigued badly, and they pulled the plug.

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