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Wilder-Stiverne II: Deontay Wilder’s Post-Fight Press Conference

Deontay Wilder talks about his brief encounter with Bermane Stiverne.

Following Saturday night’s one round of heavyweight action, WBC champion Deontay Wilder took to the podium to talk about the fight and what’s next in his career. Check out a few excerpts from the presser below with the full video above courtesy of FightHub TV...

“I’m just ready to prove that I am the best, you know. That’s all I want. Of course Stiverne, for some, wasn’t the best...I said I was gonna knock him out and I did that...Over and over again I keep sending messages out to the heavyweight division that I am the man to beat. I am the most feared, I do hit the hardest. I am who I say I am.

“I want to unify the division. The heavyweight division it too small to have so many champions...It should be one champion, one face, one name — his name’s Deontay Wilder.”

On potentially facing Anthony Joshua in a title unification:

“I hate to say this but it seem like [this situation with Anthony Joshua] has turned into a Riddick Bowe and a Lennox Lewis effect. And if so [Joshua] needs to go throw those belts in the trash can because I am coming!”

On if his performance against Stiverne went as expected:

“Well, I knew I was gonna knock Stiverne out...I knew everything about Stiverne, we had nine different guys come in, I had nine different great looks. Some would say my sparring partners were even tougher, but, you know, the only thing that was different between the sparring partner and this is that I think I went more rounds in sparring this time [laughs].

“No disrespect, because, you know, you must respect fighters in the ring...”

On how he was able to knock out Stiverne while he had his guard up:

“As I say, I got Alabama-country power. I mean my power is real, you know. Nowadays it ain’t no need for me to get on the scale no more. I’m always low when it comes to weight wise and stuff like that, but we don’t even really think about it no more. The weight is gonna be what it is...

“My grandma always said I was anointed by God...I definitely feel like I’m the chosen one. I’m meant to do something great in this world and I think boxing is just the platform that is gonna allow me to really get to where I really wanna go — what God really got for me.”

On who else he wants to fight aside from Joshua:

“We got a lot of up and coming guys...we just seen one of the guys that I got history with, and it’s not a positive history — that’s [Dominic] Breazeale. So that could be a potential one next as well too, while we wait, wait, wait for the so-called best heavyweight champion in the world.”

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