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One-on-One with Miguel Cotto (HBO)

Miguel Cotto chats with Kieran Mulvaney about the last fight of his career tomorrow.

Miguel Cotto will be making his final stand tomorrow night on HBO when he takes on Sadam Ali in a 154lb title defense. And leading into Cotto’s swan song, the Puerto Rican fighter chats it up with Kieran Mulvaney about his thoughts heading into the match...

Cotto on how he’s feeling knowing the end of his professional boxing is on his doorstep:

“I’m feeling good, just trying to enjoy every moment of these [last moments].”

On why now is the right time to call it quits:

“I accomplished more than I wanted in boxing and I’ve been here for 16+ years and it’s time for me to be with my family. I’ve lost a lot of the moments with them and it’s time to start thinking about them.”

On having his final fight at Madison Square Garden where he’s had so many great fights:

“It’s been my home since 2003-2004 and we can’t found a better place than Madison Square Garden to end my career.”

On having so much Puerto Rican support at MSG:

“We were blessed, you know. We have a lot of Puerto Ricans living here and they showed a lot of support the last nine occasions here and I know that this number 10 they’re going to be the same.”

On if he’s going to miss boxing:

“Probably. Probably I’m going to miss it a little bit but I think that it’s time to show attention, pay attention, to what deserves attention. Now in my life that is my family.”

On how he wants to be remembered:

“I can’t handle that, you know. I just was a guy who always tried to do the best, bring his best, and be the best guy possible.”

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