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Teddy Atlas removed from ESPN live broadcasts

Atlas was reportedly benched for his comments in two Top Rank on ESPN broadcasts

Manny Pacquiao v Timothy Bradley Media Tour Photo by Kevork Djansezian
Patrick Stumberg is a freelance writer for SB Nation, first joining the network in 2011 before linking up with Bad Left Hook in 2015.

Teddy Atlas has been yanked from the spot on ESPN’s live broadcasts he held for two decades, possibly permanently. While network exec Stephanie Druley says Atlas will continue to be “part of [their] boxing coverage,” his rant on the Pacquiao-Horn judging and spat with Mark Kriegel were reportedly steps too far.

Though Atlas is iconic enough to be the voice of the Fight Night games alongside Joe Tessitore, I’m hard-pressed to find issue with this decision. He’s good for a diatribe on decisions he disagrees with, but Teddy’s technical analysis has been subpar and grievously biased for some time.

He still has two or three years left on his contract, depending on who you ask, so fans of his won’t be deprived, and you can’t take away his years of quality training. Now, though, it’s time for the veteran to take a back seat and yell at Stephen A. Smith for a while.

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