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Loss of eyesight threatens Zou Shiming's career

The Chinese boxer suffered what appears to be a freak accident while on a plane.

Prasitsak Phaprom v Zou Shiming Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

According to a WBN report, flyweight Zou Shiming (9-2, 2 KOs) has reportedly suffered what is suspected to be a detached retina while aboard a commercial flight between Shanghai and Beijing.

The fighter is said to have lost sight in the eye, which now puts his fighting career in serious danger. The prognosis for the injury “doesn’t look good” but he's said to be in decent spirits, all things considered.

I've heard of many fighters suffering detached retinas while fighting, but I've never heard of one — or anyone for that matter — suffering such an injury while on a plane. I'm sure more details will emerge which will help clarify the circumstances.

Shiming has been a centerpiece to Top Rank's effort to truly cultivate a boxing market in China after winning two Olympic Gold medals for the country, but things didn't quite pan out as hoped as he's showed difficulty adapting his style to the professional ranks.

At 36-years-old he's already taken two losses through 11 professional fights, including a knockout loss is his most recent outing over the summer. And while a loss or two certainly isn't the end of the world, it's not a good thing when you've been carefully groomed and promoted as China's next big thing. Shiming's star would never take off globally, nor really make boxing a huge deal in China — at least so far as I can tell — but he is still quite popular at home, which is more than a lot of fighters can say.

We extend our best wishes to Shiming and hope that things work out for the best...

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