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Arum: Mikey Garcia probably quits against Lomachenko

Bob Arum says Mikey Garcia knows deep down he can’t beat Vasyl Lomachenko.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum discusses the possibilities of Vasyl Lomachenko’s next big fight and whether or not he’d entertain a challenge against someone like Mikey Garcia. Check out what he had to say...

“Hopefully [Lomachenko-Garcia] will be made. You gotta pay these guys a lot of money because they’re not stupid, they’re great fighters. Garcia’s a great fighter, Linares is a great fighter, but ask them deep down do they have a chance with this guy, they’ll tell you no.”

Arum on how he would view a potential Lomachenko-Crawford fight around 140 (assuming Crawford didn’t move up to welterweight):

“I think right now [Lomachenko is] feeling his way up. You have to understand what a great professional he is...I think he was gonna fight [Orlando] Salido in a rematch and Salido pulled out, so then we had to get an opponent and we had Rey Beltran on the card. So we said ‘fight Beltran at 135.’ He said ‘no, I’m preparing to fight at 130. You want me to fight Beltran, give me notice, and I’ll fight him at 135.’

“You’re not dealing with a regular fighter here. You’re dealing with a guy who’s almost like a scientist when it comes to boxing.”

On if he thinks Mikey Garcia could hang with Lomachenko in the ring:

“Mikey Garcia’s an excellent fighter. He’ll hang with him until he’s ready to get knocked out and then he’ll probably quit.”

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