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Devon Alexander’s trainer wants fight with Andre Berto

Devon Alexander vs Andre Berto? That’s what Alexander’s trainer wants to see.

PBC on ESPN: Devon Alexander v Aron Martinez Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Two vets, both need a next.

“The perfect cross-roads matchup,” that’s how the trainer for one of them, one of the welterweights labels his suggestion scrap.

“Winner makes a great opponent for Garcia, Spence, or Thurman.”

The trainer is Kevin Cunningham, the proposed combatants are his guy Devon Alexander and Andre Berto, both 30 somethings who could use a W over a similarly vetted name in order to continue to snag meaningful money fights, as opposed to being asked to join the tester set.

So, has this pairing been floated to the bossman, the PBC poobah?

“Al Haymon knows that this is a fight we’re interested in making,” Cunningham told me. “Team Alexander wants Berto next. I think it makes sense for both guys.

“Devon bounced back with a tough contender in Walter Castillo and got a lot of rust off with a 10-round dominant performance. Devon and Berto are both at a crossroads point in their careers, they are also still two of the most recognizable names in the welterweight division.

“The winner of this fight would be a perfect opponent for Garcia, Spence, or Thurman.”

Sound enough reasoning to me; your thoughts, friends?

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