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Guillermo Rigondeaux’s Full Media Workout

Rigo puts on a show for his open media workout.

We’re just two days away from one of the best technical match-ups in history as Guillermo Rigondeaux will move up two divisions to challenge Vasyl Lomachenko on ESPN. And in the lead-up to the big fight, Rigondeaux hosts an open media workout, which can be viewed above in full courtesy of Fight Hub TV.

In the training session you can see that Rigo is looking quite solid and sharp which gives me even greater confidence that we’ll see a compelling chess match this weekend. In particular Rigo flashes excellent footwork, balance, speed and power as he goes through a mitt workout with trainer Pedro Diaz.

Check out the footage above to see how an elite level champion trains, complete with Rigo’s unorthodox coordination drills that helps to sharpen those reflexes. Enjoy this fight while we have it folks! It’s not often we get to see two of the most skilled fighters to ever do it match wits against one another.

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