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Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux meet in a historic matchup on ESPN.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 9 pm ET on ESPN, a pair of two-time Olympic gold medalists will square off for the first time ever, as amateur legends and professional world champions Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux go head-to-head.

Lomachenko (9-1, 7 KO) will be defending his WBO super featherweight title, as Rigondeaux (17-0, 11 KO) is moving up two weight classes to find a serious challenge for himself.

That means Lomachenko has size as well as youth on his side. Rigondeaux is 37, and Lomachenko is 29, right in his prime. But Rigondeaux has shown no signs of serious slippage thus far, and on paper, this is a great matchup of two incredibly skilled boxers.

In the co-feature, super featherweight prospect Christopher Diaz (21-0, 13 KO) will take on late replacement opponent Bryant Cruz (18-2, 9 KO) in a fight scheduled for 10 rounds.

Our main event is, quite literally, a matchup the likes of which has never been seen and may never be seen again. Join us for this big night!


  • Vasyl Lomachenko def. Guillermo Rigondeaux by RTD (end of round 6)
  • Michael Conlan def. Luis Molina by unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 60-54)
  • Christopher Diaz def. Bryant Cruz by TKO (0:37 of round 3)
  • Shakur Stevenson def. Oscar Mendoza by TKO (1:38 of round 2)

Round By Round

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux

Round 1: Lomachenko was at 137 this morning after breakfast, Rigondeaux at 130. Crowd’s pretty hot right away as the two circle and prod. Very tentative start from both. They’re feeling it out. Lomachenko landed a little, I’ll go with him. Lomachenko 10-9

Round 2: Some grappling going on, which is not unexpected. Rigondeaux is giving up size, he’s going to do what he can to neutralize that advantage. Lomachenko landing little potshot jabs. Loma smacks him as they break from a clinch. Snappy little hook from Lomachenko clips Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux being warned about holding, referee is on top of it because it was a Lomachenko corner concern brought up in the dressing room. Fight’s getting just a little chippy. Rigondeaux holding behind the neck and trying to throw an uppercut with his free hand. Lomachenko 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Right now, Lomachenko is making Rigondeaux fight more his fight. And not sure there’s anything Rigondeaux can do about it besides try to beat Lomachenko at that game. Lomachenko lets a series of shots go, Rigondeaux ducks just out of range, nothing really lands clean. Lomachenko really starting to dictate everything about this fight now. He’s bigger, younger, faster, and using it all. Good body shot from Lomachenko. Rigondeaux holding as Lomachenko tries to work inside. Triple right uppercut from Lomachenko. Left hand from Lomachenko glances off the top of Rigondeaux’s head. Lomachenko 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Lomachenko’s skill set is really insane. Rigondeaux is a great fighter and he’s being out-everythinged here. Rigondeaux really struggling to do anything besides some great defense that’s keeping him from getting tagged cleaner. Lomachenko 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Rigondeaux hits on the break, getting warned again. He’s really frustrated at this point and doing whatever he can do. It’s not pretty. Rigondeaux getting really low on defense still. That’s the best thing he’s done in this fight. Rigo does get close on a swinging left hand over the top, but even that only partially landed. Otherwise the attacking work is still almost all coming from Lomachenko, with Rigondeaux throwing a little as they tie up constantly. Lomachenko 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: At the end of the 5th, as ESPN went to commercial, Lomachenko popped Rigondeaux in the jaw with a little shot. That Salido fight changed Lomachenko, and all for the better. He won’t be roughed up or pushed around by anyone again. Rigondeaux clearly frustrated at this point. He’s trying, but Lomachenko seems to see everything he wants to do coming. Rigondeaux with more wrestling, and Steve Willis takes a point. Rigondeaux just can’t get a thing going. Hard left from Lomachenko, just smacks Rigondeaux right on the jaw with it. Lomachenko 10-9, -1 for Rigondeaux, 60-53

Oh my, Rigondeaux quits after round six. Unreal. Lomachenko made another guy quit. Rigondeaux corner saying it’s a hand injury. Lomachenko RTD-6

Michael Conlan vs Luis Molina

Round 1: Conlan landing quickly right away. Has some defensive holes, in part because he doesn’t really care at this level. Fairly standard opening round, Conlan clearly the better fighter but Molina, to his credit, here to fight. Conlan 10-9

Round 2: Conlan switching it up, going southpaw this round. Landing jabs and straight lefts with ease. Conlan not being challenged at all here. He’s toying with Molina. If I seem disinterested in this, I am. We did two showcases, I’m ready for the main event. Conlan 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Oh, another round. Conlan won. Conlan 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: This isn’t a serious challenge for Conlan and he hasn’t stopped the other dude yet. Is Conlan working by the hour? Haha, right? Listen, I just want to get to the interesting fight. Conlan 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Conlan looking like he wants to finish to start this round. He’s actually focusing on his shots and looking to do damage. Good uppercut, left up top, right hook to the body. Conlan strays a little low and that’s his second low blow of the fight. Another left hurts Molina. Conlan outlanding Molina 4-to-1 according to CompuBox. Molina hanging in there, you can say that. Conlan 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Conlan’s showy style doesn’t seem so great when the other guy doesn’t fall apart. It exposes the flaws more than showcases the strengths in his game. He’s talented, but he’s got a lot of maturing to do, and that’s obvious, but can be easy to forget when he stops people. When he doesn’t, as his stoppage streak ends here, you can more easily focus on stuff that’s worrisome about his game. But this was an easy win. Conlan 10-9, 60-54

Christopher Diaz vs Bryant Cruz

Round 1: Diaz looking dialed in in the first minute, but Cruz lands a good shot back. BAM! DOWN GOES CRUZ HALFWAY INTO THE ROUND! Diaz back on top of him when the fight resumes. Cruz trying to counter, but Diaz just looking too precise and powerful. Diaz 10-8

Round 2: Cruz lands a decent right early in the round. Diaz is really focused on his offense, not worrying about defense, as Tim Bradley points out. Bradley really is a good analyst, by the way. Much better than most ex-fighters. Cruz poking some shots in, he’s trying to settle in himself. BOOM! LEFT HOOK AND CRUZ IS DOWN AGAIN! 30 seconds left in the round. Diaz coming right at him again. Hard shots to the body and head. Cruz down for a third time under the pressure of the flurry! Round ends before Diaz can finish it off. Diaz 10-7, 20-15

Round 3: Cruz gets drilled, he’s down again, and referee Harvey Dock is going to step in and end this. This was an explosive, overpowering showing for Christopher Diaz. Diaz TKO-3

Shakur Stevenson vs Oscar Mendoza

Round 1: Stevenson lands a good right hook pretty much immediately. Stevenson cracking Mendoza with clean shots repeatedly. This is not going to be hard work, or even so much dedication. Body shots landing, head shots landing. Stevenson making women’s tennis noises throwing punches. They really need to turn commentary mics up. Mendoza hurt with about a minute left. Stevenson basically teeing off in here. Mendoza did well enough just to survive this round. Stevenson 10-9

Round 2: Stevenson opens fast again this round, just ripping away at Mendoza. Landing repeated clean, hard shots, in quick combination. He’s really not a puncher — I mean, these are very clean shots landing, and he might well stop Mendoza, but he’s lacking that shocking power even at low levels. Referee Sparkle Lee steps in and ends this thing because Mendoza is just eating clean shots and doing nothing in return. I honestly think that’s a good stoppage. This was pointless at this point. Nothing to do for Mendoza other than get hurt in this early career vanity showcase. Stevenson TKO-2

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