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Angel Garcia: I'm from the hood! A motherf*cker from the hood ain't racist!

Trainer Angel Garcia responds to the fallout from his tirade at the Thurman-Garcia press conference.

After blowing up at the Thurman-Garcia press conference last month, trainer Angel Garcia talks to the media about some of the backlash he's received and responds to the misconception of him being a racist.

Garcia will have to deal with the New York State Athletic Commission before they license him to work his son's corner against Thurman, but he says he'll talk to them during fight week as he's unwilling to travel to NY during training camp.

That aside, here are a few excerpts explaining his repeated use of the n-word during that press conference while responding those who think he's racist -- which somehow segued into other topics:

"I grew up in black neighborhoods...I went to black schools, black neighborhoods, so how the hell am I racist? I f*cked me a couple black girls. What the f*ck is wrong with that?! Come on, man...

"Chinese restaurants around here in the hood...go see the apartments upstairs, see if they're rented. Empty pigeons live in them 'cause they scared to rent to the blacks and the latinos. And you don't know what the hell they sell us...You get broccoli and beef and they give you a whole lot of beef, but the last time I remember beef is expensive! How the hell you get a plate of beef like that...for $3? How the hell that happen when the steak expensive as hell?!

"Come on man, you walk into these motherf*cking Chinese restaurants, smells like cat, like cat piss. Killing cats in the basement, brother...Call me racist, I'm bringing everything into the open. They call me racist, I'ma be a racist! And we got AKs, we getting ready for this war...We ready, we got f*cking ammunition if motherf*ckers want to go to war...and we not trying to threaten nobody, we getting ready for the revolution too! We got guns, we got AKs, we got machine guns, we got all that shit."

After being redirected back to his comments towards Keith Thurman...

"Listen brother...I was humble. I spoke, Danny spoke...[Thurman] got on the mic and said 'I'm gonna knock you the f*ck out, Danny Garcia. I'm gonna knock you the f*ck out.' That's what he said. And I said 'you ain't gonna knock nobody the f*ck out you b*tch ass blank.' That's what I said.

"He couldn't say 'Danny I'm gonna knock you out'? You gotta say 'f*ck you up'?...So now you talking slang words, now you talking hood shit, now you talking gangsta shit. Now we gotta fight..

"Listen, I worked for Russians, I worked for a lot of people. I worked for Russians, I worked for Pakistanians, I did everything...I sold water ice, I did everything, I sold drugs, cocaine, sold every motherf*cking thing in the world. I sold f*cking rocks to a motherf*cking crackhead. And I'm not talking about ready-rock, I'm talking rock, like concrete [laughs]..

"I'm from the hood, brother. A motherf*cker from the hood ain't racist!"

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