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WBA orders rematch between Jamie McDonnell and Liborio Solis

McDonnell's unanimous decision victory was roundly condemned.

One of last year’s most controversial title fights will be getting a do-over, as the WBA has ordered bantamwieght champion Jamie McDonnell to once again take on Venezuela’s Liborio Solis. As always, the fighters have thirty days to negotiate before going to a purse bid. As McDonnell is the champion, he will receive 75% of the winning bid.

The general consensus among boxing writers is that Solis (25-5-1, 11 KO) got shafted last November when he "lost" a decision to McDonnell (29-2-1, 13 KO) in Monte Carlo. McDonnell entered the fight as a fourteen-to-one favorite thanks to wins over Tomoki Kameda and Fernando Vargas, but even the hometown press was unconvinced.

Even my Google autofill offered "Liborio Solis robbed" when I started typing his name. I could very well have searched that term before and forgotten but I like my interpretation better.

This is a rematch that needs to happen for fairness’ sake. Good on the WBA for enforcing it.

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