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Collazo out until summer as he recovers from cut

Luis Collazo had an emphatic win over Sammy Vasquez, but the cut he sustained in the fight will have him sidelined for a few months.

Luis Collazo v Chris Degollado Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Luis Collazo’s knockout of Sammy Vasquez was both dramatic and impressive, but it didn’t come without a cost. The cut he received over his eye during the third round not only required some stitches but will also require some serious down time to allow the tissue to heal. Keith Connolly, who advises Collazo, tells RingTV:

“Per doctors’ instructions, he could be back in five months and be 100% healthy,” Connolly told RING. “So, we’re thinking early summer to mid-summer. But we want to go directly to a big fight. There’s no one that we’ll turn down. Luis thinks he can compete with any of the top guys.”

Collazo has proven to be a very capable fighter over the years, but he’s come up short whenever he’s stepped up to face top level opponents. At age 35 it’s difficult to say that he has the ceiling to really get over the hump, but he’s proven to be a tough out for just about anybody. And like the fighter he is, he’s looking for opportunities against the big names in the welterweight division.

At this time Collazo is said to have interest in a fight with Shawn Porter, the winner (or loser) of Thurman-Garcia, rematches against Amir Khan and Andre Berto, and even against Errol Spence Jr. should he beat Kell Brook for the IBF title.

“He doesn’t think that Berto would fight him but that was a name that he threw out there,” Connolly said. “He’d like to have the rematch in that fight. And he also mentioned Porter because he thinks that’s a top, competitive fight that the fans want to see. He knows Shawn Porter isn’t a guy that ducks anybody. He’ll fight all comers and Shawn Porter is looking for a fight right now.”

Where would you like to see Collazo go from here?

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