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Roy Jones Jr. breaks down Golovkin-Jacobs

Roy Jones Jr says Gennady Golovkin is a special fighter, he just hasn't had the opponents to prove it yet.

On Golovkin-Jacobs:

"Golovkin is a top-notch, top-tier fighter. Don't get that twisted. Ain't no anybody gonna beat Golovkin, you gotta be on your game and be right because GGG is one of the best around he just ain't got the opponents...Once he gets the opponents in front of him, he's gonna show you what he really can do. Do not get it twisted, GGG can go. So that will be a tough fight for Danny Jacobs because Danny will have to overcome his power. Then he has to understand that not only does he have power, but he's also very intelligent boxer.

"That's the whole problem, and that's what they fail to realize about GGG. He ain't just a power log, look what he did to [David Lemieux], he was able to outbox him with a jab. The dude can box, the dude can do all kinds of stuff. So don't sleep on GGG..."

On his previous comments that Golovkin should move up in weight to challenge himself:

"Sometimes in order to get special credibility, you gotta go do something special. If I would've stay at middleweight, light heavyweight, I wouldn't have been top 10, I wouldn't be top 5. I went to heavyweight to make sure I got a spot in the top 5, to show them how good I thought I was...

"So I'm not telling [Golovkin] to do something I didn't do, I'm telling him if you want to be special, be special, you gotta go do something special sometimes. I'm not saying that he can't do it, I wouldn't have asked of him to do it if I thought he couldn't do it..."

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