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Golovkin appears on ESPN First Take

GGG talks to ESPN about a whole range of topics.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Gennady Golovkin is making the media rounds as he promotes his middleweight fight with Daniel Jacobs. Check out some excepts of Golovkin’s thoughts here...

On a potential Mayweather-McGregor fight:

“Wow. It’s not too much interest for this fight because it’s commericial fight, it’s business fight. It’s not boxing...It’s very good for Floyd’s record.

On people thinking that he looked vulnerable against Kell Brook:

“Every fight is different, and every fighter is different. Right now my focus on Daniel Jacobs, 100%. Right now I understand that this is my big fight and my huge fight. I like this fight. I like this situation.”

On if he’s been making himself look vulnerable in order to land a big fight with Canelo:

“Wow, this is crazy situation. I remember last year, just too much talking [from Canelo]. You know his team, the Golden Boy team, just too much talking. Right now my focus is Daniel Jacobs...If he wants, of course, I’m ready. 100%.”

On how he’ll approach fighting Daniel Jacobs:

“Daniel, he’s huge fighter. He’s good boxer, and he has power, he has boxing IQ. This is very big test for us, and for me.

“Daniel, he’s strong and very good fighter. Just I have a little bit extra.”

On what he would tell Floyd Mayweather if he thinks he’s physically too big to fight him:

“You know I’m not too big...30 days before my fight I’m like [1]65. Yesterday after sparring I was [1]64. Special for Floyd I will go to 154 or 160 if he wants. This is dream fight!

“There’s a big difference, Floyd and Canelo. Floyd is Floyd, he’s best pound for pound. And Canelo, he’s done nothing.”

On if he really believes Canelo has done nothing in boxing:

“Yes, of course, because I talk with him just last year - I want this fight, I need this fight...I’m tired for talking too much.”

On if he’s saying that he doesn’t respect Canelo because he won’t fight him:

“‘I’m not respect because right now he’s like a [shellfish] selfish.”

On why he doesn’t move up to fight at 168, asking someone like Andre Ward to come back down:

“I’m not too big [for] 160. I told you, my weight 65 just 30 days before my fight...I think 160 is very good and 154 is very good category for me. And 68 or 75, yeah, if I have big fight, like big money fight, or big unification fight, of course.”

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