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Porter: I see myself hurting Berto to the body and taking him out to the head!

Shawn Porter talks about his WBC final eliminator match against Andre Berto.

Shawn Porter chats it up with FightHub about his recently announced fight with Andre Berto. Check out what he had to say...

Porter on if he thinks Berto's loss to Robert Guerrero could be the same path to victory for him:

"He's what I say about blueprints: you can look at other fights and say 'I should do this, I should do that' but for me, and the great part about it is that I'm very versatile, so we will prepare for multiple things to happen in the ring that night. And the same goes for him. I'm sure he's looking at other fights and saying 'Shawn Porter is gonna be this way' so I have to make sure that I'm prepared to come at him in a way that he's not expecting, and then be able to turn it on and change and adapt when that time comes.

"Yes this will be a great fight, will be an action packed fight, but we both look to be very intelligent and make the other guy miss and make him pay. So we're both very excited for this fight, we're both very aggressive, we both like to fight. Neither of us mind getting hit - we don't want to get hit - but i that opportunity comes we have to do what we have to do..."

On him being a little bigger than Berto and Berto struggling against fighters with size advantages:

"And even with that, always because of my weight, and because of the way we train and manage everything, one thing we always lose sight of is strength, and that 's because we focus on other things like being quick and being fast and also taking off the weight. Because of those things we always go away from - you know I have natural power but we never really focus on building my power. This camp we started earlier at building the power so you see right now that I'm very dense and I'm very strong but as we bring the weight down we will still focus on the power so that it's there fight night. So we're looking forward to some explosive fireworks on fight night."

On how much he can squat and bench:

"I have not squatted...In high school, at 18 years old, I squatted 500lbs. I benched 265lbs. But I was playing football if you remember that...but as a professional [boxer] I haven't squatted but the last time I lifted heavy, I think 250 or 255 was the bench press, and that was the max there. So I'm still very strong, especially for my size..."

On if it was frustrating that it wasn't him rematching Thurman instead of watching him fight Garcia:

"When they weigh-in...I thought about that. But I had to remind myself that this is not my time. I also knew that I would be making [the Andre Berto announcement] so I had some things to look forward to, some things to prepare for...I'm realizing now that I'm glad this fight [with Berto] took so long to make because it's for a title eliminator for the WBC title so, God moves and everything happens on time for me..."

On if he thinks he'll KO Berto:

"I look to beat him in a knockout. We're working on it...I've seen myself hurting him to the body and taking him out to the head so we'll see what happens. I know if anybody can do it, it's me. Some guys have really hurt him and he has not laid down so I know he's gonna be there until the end. But I'm looking forward to being sharp and doing the right things at the right time in that fight and hopefully we get a knockout out of that fight."

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