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Golovkin talks Lemieux's KO of Stevens, has multiple game plans for Jacobs

Gennady Golovkin gives his reaction to last weekend's big knockout and talks about what he has planned for Daniel Jacobs.

FightHub catches up with Gennady Golovkin following yesterday's final press conference to get his thoughts about his big fight this weekend. Check out what he had to say...

Golovkin on how he thinks the fight with Jacobs will play out:

"I have couple variants, a, b, c, you know. I believe Daniel ready [for] great fight. Just have couple variants."

On if he did anything different for this training camp:

"Not a lot, no. The same power, the same speed. I think everybody's ready."

On what he thought of Lemieux's knockout of Stevens:

"I saw, I saw. It's good. It's good for TV, it's good for commercial. Both has power, both has crazy style, dramatic style...this is boxing."

On if he would consider a rematch with Lemieux:

"Of course, why not. I'm open for anybody."

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