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Golovkin vs Jacobs: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Gennady Golovkin takes on Daniel Jacobs in tonight’s HBO pay-per-view main event.

BLH will be here tonight starting at 9 pm ET with full card live coverage of the Gennady Golovkin-Daniel Jacobs HBO pay-per-view event, from Madison Square Garden in New York.

Wil Esco will be on the round by round call during the fights.

Golovkin (36-0, 33 KO) and Jacobs (32-1, 29 KO) meet in one of the more intriguing fights that could have been made in the sport today, as we’ve got a clear favorite (Golovkin) but a legitimately dangerous underdog (Jacobs), and the chance for high drama if/when either man lands something big.

On the undercard, super flyweight champion Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez will face Thailand’s Srisaket Sor Rungvisai in the co-feature. Carlos Cuadras will take on Daniel Carmona in another super flyweight bout, and if both Cuadras and Gonzalez win, they’re headed for a mandatory rematch this year. Ryan Martin and Bryant Cruz will open the PPV in lightweight prospect action.

Join us tonight!



GENNADY GOLOVKIN def DANIEL JACOBS by UD (115-112, 115-112, 114-113)

SRISASKET SOR RUNGVISAI def ROMAN GONZALEZ by MD (113-113, 114-112, 114-112)

CARLOS CUADRAS def DANIEL CARMONA by UD (97-93, 97-93, 96-94)

RYAN MARTIN def BRYANT CRUZ by TKO (0:45 of Round 8)




Round 1: Golovkin comes out stalking but not throwing any punches yet. Now he lets go a hard jab. Jacobs rties to fo to the body. Golovkin lands another good jab, then another. Jacobs tries to jab with him and the comes forward with a short combination. Jacobs jabs Golovkin at center ring. Golovkin returns the favor and then tries a right hand which misses. Both fighters a little cautious early. Golovkin wins the round on the jab. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 2: Golovkin comes out with another good jab right away. Golovkin pushes Jacobs back when they get in a clinch. Jacobs tries a straight left hand from a southpaw stance but it doesn't land clean. Jacobs goes back to orthodox. Golovkin isn't pressing the action to much and it appears like he wants to feel Jacobs out some more before opening up. Golovkin tries a right hand that misses. I think Jacobs edged this round boxing on the outside. Jacobs 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Golovkin comes out more aggressively to open the round. Jacobs tries to thwart Golovkin's attack with two hard punches of his own. Golovkin lands a hard jab. Jacobs lands one of his own. The fireworks haven't gone off yet. These opening rounds have been pretty slow. Jacobs catches Golovkin with a couple punches as they were getting out of a clinch, Jacobs nods at Golovkin in defiance. Jacobs 10-9.

Round 4: GOLOVKIN LANDS A HARD RIGHT HAND THAT DROPS JACOBS! Jacobs gets up and seems to be pretty okay, but Golovkin is pressing him and attacking hard now. Golovkin is chasing Jacobs around the ring, like a goddamn predator! The crowd is diggin' it. Jacobs has weathered that storm but Golovkin is in attack mode. Golovkin 10-8, 38-37.

Round 5: Golovkin is walking straight in on Jacobs now, lands a looping right hand on Jacobs' noggin. Sick left hook to the body lands for Golovkin which makes Jacobs squirm. Golovkin is building momentum in this fight as he walks forward and throws hard shots. Jacobs lands a jab from the southpaw stance. Jacobs throws four punches on Golovkin. Golovkin comes back forward throwing right hands. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 6: Jacobs comes out in the orthodox stance again and tries two right hands which are blocked. Golovkin trying to cut off the ring as Jacobs tries to continually circle the outside. Golovkin throws a hard jab, Jacobs comes back with a hard right hand which Golovkin eats without flinching. Jacobs throws a lot of punches to end the round but the mostly all missed. Golovkin wins on pressing most of the action in the fight. Golovkin 10-9, 58-55.

Round 7: Jacobs tries a flurry to Golovkin's body. Golovkin lands a overhand right hand again. Jacobs goes back to southpaw and backs Golovkin up with a combination. Jacobs throws another pair of body punches as Golovkin walks in. Jacobs hits Golovkin in the back of the head during a clinch. Jacobs 10-9.

Round 8: Jacobs comes out with two uppercuts, but Golovkin decides to open up and hammers Jacobs along the ropes with a few punches. Jacobs keeps switching from orthodox to southpaw and back again to give Golovkin different looks and angles. Jacobs tries another flurry up close but Golovkin defends all of it. This isn't the action fight it was promoted to be but it is a competitive chess match. Golovkin lands a right hand on Jacobs who takes it pretty well. Close round. I think Jacobs edges it. Jacobs 10-9, 75-76.

Round 9: Golovkin comes out like he has a point to prove, walking straight forward with little hesitation and looking to land power shots. Jacobs throws a slapping right hand which is partially blocked. Jacobs throwing body punches on both sides of Golovkin, getting off before Golovkin can and then getting away before Golovkin can come back. Hard left jab land for Golovkin, followed by a right uppercut. Jacobs lands two right hands. Golovkin lands another uppercut which caught Jacobs attention. Jacobs might be a little shaken up but the bell rings. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 10: Jacobs lands a couple good shots up close. Golovkin hits Jacobs with a right as Jacobs complains to the referee about something. Jacobs goes southpaw again and tries to swing a hard left hand that misses. Golovkin stalks Jacobs into a corner and throws a right hand which is partially blocked. Hard jab lands for Golovkin but Jacobs lands a hook back. I think Jacobs takes it. Jacobs 10-9, 94-95.

Round 11: Golovkin comes out walking down Jacobs but without many punches to follow. Now Golovkin lands a nice uppercut at center ring. Golovkin lands another nice jab but the follow up right hand misses. Jacobs throws a flurry in retaliation. Jacobs throws a long combination but Golovkin dodges almost all of it. Jacobs lands a nice hook to end the round. Jacobs 10-9.

Round 12: I've got the fight knotted up after 11 rounds. Golovkin is throwing some bombs to tries and catch Jacobs unprepared. Jacobs throws back. Nice counter right lands for Golovkin. Nice right hand lead for Jacobs, Golovkin lands one right back. This is a razor thin margin! Jacobs has a swollen left eye. Golovkin throws a right. Yikes. I think Golovkin just edged this round but it really could've gone either way. Golovkin 10-9. BLH scores it for Golovkin 114-113.


Round 1: Gonzalez comes out in an aggressive posture but Sor Rungvisai gets off first. Sor Rungvisai striking before Gonzalez can start his assaults. Gonzalez lands a right hand to the body. Gonzalez misses on a counter right hand. Nice left hook to the body lands for Gonzalez. Sor Rungvisai tries with both hands bust misses. Both fighters trade center ring and Sor Rungvisai drops Gonzalez on a body shot! Gonzalez beats the count and Sor Rungvisai tries to pour it on until the bell rings. Sor Rungvisai 10-8.

Round 2: Sor Rungvisai comes out right away on the attack. Gonzalez appears to be keeping his composure and is being defensively responsible. Sor Rungvisai rushes forward with two hard punches. Sor Rungvisai continues to throw a lot of punches while Gonzalez is hardly throwing back. Gonzalez finally decides to fight back and now we have a fight! Sor Rungvisai lands a hard right hand on Gonzalez. Sor Rungvisai Lands a great shot back! Hard right uppercit to the body lands or Gonzalez. Gonzalez might be warming up but Sor Rungvisai won this round. Sor Rungvisai 10-9, 20-17.

Round 3: Both fighters come out trading shots but not much lands clean. Sor Rungvisai continues to get off first to keep Gonzalez on the defense. The fighters have an accidental head clash and it causes a cut over Gonzalez's right eye. The deck is stacked against Gonzalez early on in New York City. Gonzalez is stepping it up now and is land some great counter shots. Sor Rungvisai lands a hard body punch. .Gonzalez is letting his hands fly now which momentarily overwhelms Sor Rungvisai to where he just steps back to get some space. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 4: Well, there was a good bit of blood on Gonzalez's face in between rounds. Sor Rungvisai comes out trying to re-establish his offense first. Gonzalez lands a nice counter right. All of Gonzalez's punches and counter punches are some flowing off his rhythm naturally which is his bread and butter. Sor Rungvisai trying to walk Gonzalez down to break his forward moomentum. Nice right hook to the body lands for Sor Rungvisai! Gonzazelz bobbing and weaving and punching. Whooh! What a round! Gonzalez 10-9, 37-38.

Round 5: Gonzalez lands a counter right hand to the body, Sor Rungvisai lands a hard right hook to Gonzalez's body. And another one! Nice right hook lands for Sor Rungvisai. Gonzalez lands a few back. Sor Rungvisai lands a right body shot on Gonzalez. Gonzalez lands a straight right. A lot of action in this round too! I love it! Gonzalez goes on a whirlwind and forces Sor Rungvisai to duck and back away to the opposite corner. Gonzalez takes this round too but he's taking some shots himself. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 6: Gonzalez comes out early pouring it on. Referee warns Sor Rungvisai about his head after another accidental butt. The fighters are trading blows all over the ring, Gonzalez getting the better of it. Sor Rungvisai is having trouble with the lenthy combination punching of Gonzalez. Sor Rungvisai gets hurt on a liver shot which has him frozen. Gonzalez tries to pour it on again as he knows his man is wounded. Another head butt and the referee calls timeout to take a point from Sor Rungvisai. Gonzalez is a bloody mess. Gonzalez 10-8, 57-55.

Round 7: Gonzalez backing Sor Rungvisai up with the threat of a torrent of punches. Gonzalez is fighting in his groove and throwing with both hands. Gonzalez is landing the much sharper punches in exchanges now as the punishment has been soaking in on Sor Rungvisai. I still think Gonzalez takes this round. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 8: Both fighters are waging all out war all over the ring. Gonzalez lands a sharp right uppercut while in the corner. Sor Rungvisai is coming forwarding hard now, trying to force Gonzalez backwards. Hard right hand lands for Sor Rungvisai. Hard right hand to the body lands for Sor Rungvisai again. Close round, I think Sor Rungvisai squeaks it. Sor Rungvisai 10-9, 74-76.

Round 9: Sor Rungvisai comes out with an early attack. Sor Rungvisai throws three uppercuts in a row. Gonzalez has a lot, and I mean a lot, of blood on his face. Sor Rungvisai tries to swing to the center ring but Gonzalez catches him with an uppercut. Sor Rungvisai throws another flurry but Gonzalez decides to come right back! Gonzalez pressing forward now and catches Sor Rungvisai with a left hook to end the round. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 10: Sor Rungvisai comes out and throws about three flurries which has Gonzalez on the defensive. Both fighters exchange punches as the right side of Gonzalez's face is covered in blood. Sor Rungvisai lands a straight left hand, then a right hand to the body in close. Gonzalez throws a combination which lands but Sor Rungvisai just smiles at the crowd as if it didn't hurt at all - and I might actually believe him. Close round. Sor Rungvisai 10-9, 93-95.

Round 11: Gonzalez comes forward and Sor Rungvisai tries to counter with body punches. Gonzalez looks slightly weathered at this point and Sor Rungvisai seems to be gaining at least a little confidence. Gonzalez coming forward but the snap on his punches aren't what they were. Sor Rungvisai putting together harder punches at this point. Sor Rungvisai 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters come out and touch gloves. Man, this has really been a good fight. Both fighters get right back to close quarters and slug it out. Gonzalez lands a anice left hook in the exchange. Gonzalez is digging deep now to load up on hard shots on Sor Rungvisai. Sor Rungvisai almost runs away for a second to escape the onslaught. Sor Rungvisai taps with three light punches, then ties up Gonzalez. Gonzalez going back on the attack in the final 30 seconds and Sor Rungvisai comes back with his own punches. Gonzalez 10-9. Great fight! Brutal in just about every way. BLH scores the fight for Gonzalez, 114-112.


Round 1: Cuadras comes out with a left uppercut. Carmona tries a series of shots, maybe a couple land. Cuadras continually steps back as he tries to lure Carmona towards him. Cuadras tries a lead left hook from the outside, then a one-two combination. Carmona lands a left hook to the body. Close round, I'm going with Carmona based on effective aggression. Carmona 10-9.

Round 2: Carmona lands a nice left jab. Cuadras is reaching on his punches at times which might get him caught. Cuadras walks right into a left hook as he rushed forward. Cuadras seems to have decided he needs to make this a little more of a firefight. Cuadras is pressing the action now in this round I think Cuadras just edges it as he picked up his aggression. Cuadras 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Carmona lets go a few punches, looking to get the better of Cuadras on the punch output. Carmona walks Cuadras into a left hand, then a body shot. Much more methodical round from both men, not a lot of action, but I think Carmona takes it. Carmona 10-9.

Round 4: Cuadras comes out with a couple jabs, then a left hook, then a wild right hook which misses. Cuadras throws a couple more wide punches and gets clipped in between with a left hook. Both fighters trade a flurry of body punches. Cuadras tries another lead left hook that gets blocked. Cuadras leaps off his feet with a left hook. All these rounds have been close-ish. I'm still going with Carmona. Carmona 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Carmona pumps a jab to open the round. Cuadras rights a hard right hand which comes up short. Cuadras bounces a right hook off Carmona's shoulder. Carmona lands a nice body shot. Another left hook to the body lands for Carmona. Jab lands for Carmona, then a check hook. I still think Carmona is nicking these rounds. Carmona 10-9.

Round 6: Hard jab lands for Cuadras. Cuadras lands a nice left hook and then falls off balance with another wild punch. Cuadras ends a combination with a left hook upstairs that lands on Carmona. NIce body work from Cuadras, Carmona returns the favor. Cuadras 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Carmona falls to the mat after trying a hook. Cuadras lands a nice right hand to the body. Carmona has a small trickle of blood coming from his head. Slick counter uppercut lands right on the jaw for Cuadras. Carmona lands one or two low blows during a clinch, referee calls it accidental. After a short time to recover we're back in action. Both fighters trade jabs, Cuadras is a little sharper. Carmona staying downstairs with his attack. Nice right hand lands for Carmona! I still think Cuadras wins the round by controlling the first two-thirds of the round. Cuadras 10-9.

Round 8: Hard right to the body lands for Carmona. Cuadras makes sure to jump back on the very next attempt. Carmona blocks a left hook, Carmona goes back to the body and gets a warning from the referee - though it didn't seem those punches were low. Carmona comes forward with a jab, then a counter right. I think Carmona takes this one. Carmona 10-9, 77-75.

Round 9: Cuadras comes out with a quick flurry. Cuadras throws another flurry but this one mostly hits air. Nice right hand to the body lands for Cuadras at then end of a combination. Carmona should really be trying to pick it up in these late rounds. I think Cuadras just outworked Carmona in this round. Cuadras 10-9.

Round 10: Cuadras lands a clean jab, then a hard body shot lands shortly after. Cuadras whiffs on a wide right hook. Carmona is laying back a little too much for my liking in a close fight. Now Carmona comes forward behind an uppercut. Both men trade jabs. This fight could be on the line in these final 30 seconds. Cuadras lands two good punches to effectively end the fight. Cuadras 10-9. BLH scores it a 95-95 draw.


Round 1: Martin comes out stalking Cruz right away, trying to impose his noticeable size advantage. Cruz tries to jab and move. Martin throws a series of sharp jabs which controls the range against his smaller opponent. Martin doubles up the jab and follows with a right hand. Martin has quickly established a range where he can dictate the right. Martin takes Cruz to the ropes where Cruz flashes some sharp evasive maneuvers. Martin has a lot of momentum already, though. Martin 10-9.

Round 2: Martin takes his corner advice and comes out with a lot of jabs right away. Cruz tries to pick sports to come in between but isn't landing cleanly. Martin unloads a savage combination to the head and body -- there's an odd moment where the referee steps in to break the action but we can't tell why. Martin flashes a few more long jabs, which are really quick and sharp. Cruz lands a couple of nice jabs back. Both fighters trade a few body blows. Cruz had a better round but I think Martin is doing more damage. Martin 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Nice check hook lands for Martin. Cruz isn't deterred and comes back with another combination, but gets clipped again for his trouble. Cruz now making a conscious effort to beat Martin to the punch to keep him off balance, and he's doing well when he does this -- it just requires tremendous physical effort. Martin comes back with a few hard punches. You know, I'm giving this one to Cruz. I liked his tactical adjustment in this round. Cruz 10-9.

Round 4: Martin comes out and strafes Cruz with two hard hooks right away. So much for turning the tide...Martin really putting extra emphasis on his shots, looking to hurt Cruz in this round. Martin is really landing some clean hard shots which makes me think Cruz might be able to last this distance at this pace. Cruz has to throw 2-to-1 just get any breathing room. Nice left hook to the body lands for Martin. Martin is back in full control. Martin 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Martin finds the range on a long one-two combination. Cruz lands two clean body punches. The truth of this fight is that Cruz is putting in more than an honest effort, he's just at a size and talent deficit. HARD RIGHT HAND STUNS CRUZ! Martin lets loose and onslaught on Cruz but Cruz gets his wits about him and survives the moment. Martin 10-9.

Round 6: Cruz still trying hard, throws a few combinations. Martin lands three hard punches in quick succession. Martin could make this fight easier for him if he went back to using his jab, he's mostly looking to land hard counters now. Martin backs Cruz up with another one-two. Martin is really wearing on Cruz which his physical pressure and presence. Martin 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Cruz's trainer threatens to throw in the towel if Cruz doesn't start fighting back more. Now a doctor comes to have a look at Cruz who says he's good to continue. Cruz starts right off with a lot of punches to show that he's still okay to fight. Martin's punches just do a lot more damage, you can literally see the power difference. This is probably a good time for someone to step in and stop this. Cruz motions to the crowd to signal that he's still game, and he is, but he's just taking a beating. Martin strafes Cruz again once he gets him to the ropes. The fight is still ongoing but the contest is over. Martin 10-9.

Round 8: Cruz is spending more time along the ropes now which isn't a good sign. Martin attacks Cruz in the corner, referee steps in and waves it off. Fight over. Martin TKO-8.

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